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Technology Terms

By Frank Caterino
Regent University: UIS 350 Technology in Education
Technology Terms Presentation
Define primary and alternate
technological terminology
Identify their end use/purpose.
Definition & End Use Purpose
Definition & End Use Purpose
Definition End Use Purpose
ATM: Asynchronous Transfer Mode, High speed ATM: Unlike Ethernet, ATM allows for a direct point-to-
network for audio, video, and data communication. point link from server to destination. (Mitchell B. ,
(Mitchell B. , Beginner's Guide to Asynchronous Beginner's Guide to Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Transfer Mode (ATM), 2017) (ATM), 2017)

Broadband Network: wired or wire-less technique Broadband Network: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) &
used for transference of data signal. Broadband Cable Modem are forms of broadband tech, or modes of
Network: (Mitchell B. , Definition Of Broadband, which various types of data (voice and digital) are
transferred. Telephone and cable lines are means of which
2017) data is transferred. (Mitchell B. , Definition Of Broadband,
Cloud Computing: Commonly used as residential off
sight data storage. Cloud or as its commonly know Cloud Computing: Utilized on a residential level to store
iCloud or Google Cloud, allows the user access to and access personal information (photos). On a business
stored data virtually any place, any time, on any level, large amounts of data can be uploaded for access
device as information is not stored on any one local remotely during meetings without having to depend upon
device. Cloud Computing: (Mitchell B. , What Is data sticks. (Mitchell B. , What Is Cloud Computing, 2017)
Cloud Computing, 2017)
Cookies: purpose are to store personal registration data like
Cookies: very small text files placed on your computer your name, your address, the contents of a shopping cart,
by a web server when you view some sites. Cookies your preferred layout for a web page, what map you might
(Boswell, 2017) be looking at. It is widely believed. (Boswell, 2017)
Definition & End Use Purpose
Definition End Use Purpose
Data Mining: Data mining is the analysis of large Data Mining, data mining describes the insights and
amounts of data to discover patterns and knowledge obtained from analyzing patterns in data.
knowledge. In fact, data mining is also known as Second, data mining uses the descriptions of recognized
data discovery or knowledge discovery. (Midrack, data patterns to predict future patterns. Data (Midrack,
2017) 2017)

Edupunk: The term was coined by Jim Groom, Edupunk, A diverse group of people working in and
instructional technology specialist in the arts and around higher education, who believe the cookie
cutter approach of teaching new technology fell short
humanities. of the inclusion of new tech and the communities they
Ethernet: An Ethernet port (jack or socket) is an
opening on computer network equipment Ethernet, connects wired network hardware in a local
that Ethernet cables plug into. (Mitchell B. , What Is area network (LAN), metropolitan area network (MAN),
an Ethernet Port?, 2017) or wide area network(WAN). (Mitchell B. , What Is an
Ethernet Port?, 2017)
Extranet: Extension to an intranet that allows
controlled access from the outside for specific Extranet, extensions to, or segments of, private
business or educational purposes. (Mitchell B. , intranet networks built by businesses for information
What Are Intranets and Extranets in Corporate sharing and e-commerce. (Mitchell B. , What Are
Portals?, 2017) Intranets and Extranets in Corporate Portals?, 2017)
Definition & End Use Purpose
Definition End Use Purpose
Network Gateway: Joins two networks so the Network Gateway, It connects your local area network (LAN) and
devices on one network can communicate with the all the devices (personal & small business) on it to the internet.
(Mitchell B. , What Is a Network Gateway?, 2017)
devices on another network. (Mitchell B. , What Is a
Network Gateway?, 2017)
HTTP/S, regular hypertext page (HTTP), and (HTTPS) hypertext
pages that are secured against hackers. (Mitchell B. , What Is
Hypertext Transfer Protocol/Secure (HTTP/S): 'http' 'Http'? What Does 'Http' Do for Web Users?, 2017)
and 'https' are the names of two protocols
(computer rules) that govern how an internet Intranet, a local network that uses network technology as a tool to
document gets transmitted to your screen. (Mitchell facilitate communication between people or workgroups to
B. , What Is 'Http'? What Does 'Http' Do for Web improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of
an organization's employees. (Mitchell B. , What Are Intranets and
Users?, 2017) Extranets in Corporate Portals?, 2017)

Intranet: A generic term for a private computer IMEI, used to unlock your cell phone or tablet, to track or detect
network within an organization. (Mitchell B. , What a lost or stolen cell phone, or to see if your phone will work on
Are Intranets and Extranets in Corporate Portals?, another carrier's network (as with T-Mobile's IMEI check) (Pinloa,
On many phones, all you need to do is open the phone dialing app
International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI): A and enter * # 0 6 # (star, pound sign, zero, six, pound sign, without
unique 15-digit number assigned to all cellular the spaces).
devices. (Pinloa, 2016)
Definition & End Use Purpose
Definition End Use Purpose
Network Encryption: a popular and Network Encryption, the process of encryption
hides data or the contents of a message in such a
effective method for safeguarding way that the original information can only be
network data. (Mitchell B. , Introduction to recovered through a
Network Encryption, 2017) corresponding decryption process. (Mitchell B. ,
Introduction to Network Encryption, 2017)
Newbie: A person new to computer tech Newbie, describes an inexperienced individual/s new
and or, gaming concept. to the practical use of various forms of technology.
(hardware, software programs)
Peer to Peer (P2P): P2P networks allowed P2P, early version such as Napster, allow for free
for file sharing among local area network audio and video file sharing. Although many of the
(LAN). (Mitchell B. , Free P2P File Sharing sites have been removed, there still exists in various
forms, legal and illegal sites. (Mitchell B. , Free P2P
Software Programs, 2017) File Sharing Software Programs, 2017)

Plug-In: optional software additions that Plug-In, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Apple Quick
enhance and/or add functionality to a web Player are just a few plug-in used when viewing PDF,
audio, and video file attachments. (Gil, 2017)
browser. (Gil, 2017)
Definition & End Use Purpose
Definition End Use Purpose
Remote Access: Allows a user to log into a Remote Access, enables users on one computer to
system as an authorized user without see and interact with the actual desktop user
being physically present at its keyboard. interface of another computer. (Mitchell B. , 2017)
(Mitchell B. , 2017)
URL, used to open not only websites, but also to
download images, videos, software programs, and
URL: Uniform Resource Locator is a way of other types of files that are hosted on a server.
identifying the location of a file on the (Mitchell B. , What is a URL? (Uniform Resource
internet. (Mitchell B. , What is a URL? Locator), 2017)
(Uniform Resource Locator), 2017)
Wi-Fi, allows computers and other devices to be
connected to each other into a LAN and to the
Wi-fi: A wireless network technology (also Internet without wires and cables. (Mitchell B. , Wi-
written Wi-Fi) stands for Wireless Fidelity. Fi Explained: The Most Common Wireless LAN
(Mitchell B. , Wi-Fi Explained: The Most Network, 2017)
Common Wireless LAN Network, 2017)
Wi-Fi Protection Access, developed in response to
the weaknesses of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy),
Wi-fi Protection Access: (WPA) is a security and therefore improves on WEP's authentication
technology for Wi-Fi networks (Mitchell, and encryption features. (Mitchell, 2017)
We identified the historical
significance of each term.
We defined the terms.
We identified the terms end use.
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