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THINK-PAIR-SHARE: Where do these movies take place? What is

their setting?
The Rainforest
What is a Rainforest? What are the 2 types
of Rainforests?
A rainforest is a forest that grows
in an area with a high rainfall.
1. Tropical
Most rainforests receive over 2. Temperate
2,000 mm (80 in.) of rain every
The Tropical
The Tropical Rainforest


Hot & humid

Wet due to the rainfall - Rainfall year round - Little to no dry seasons
Temperature (on average) 70 to 85F
Does not have a major change in Seasons.


Tropical rainforests are found in the worlds hottest and wettest areas, namely those closest
to the equator

South America (the Amazon)

Lowland regions of Africa
The islands off of Southeast Asia
Animals of the Tropical Rainforest
Rainforests are extremely biodiverse
habitats which basically means that a large
number of species live in them.
Tropical rainforests are home to half the
plant and animal species on Earth.
Examples: Monkeys, gorillas, orangutans,
rhinoceros, leopards, sloths, snakes (large
boa constrictors), insects, rodents, frogs, and
birds (toucans).
The Temperate
The Temperate Rainforest
Climate: Location:
Temperate forests are in both the
Rainy and Wet northern and southern hemispheres
Cooler temperature than Tropical between the tropics and the polar
Rainforests regions.
Seasons: does not have typical 4 seasons Located on coasts along temperate
(spring, summer,winter, fall), it has the zones.
dry and the wet seasons (both lasting The temperate rainforest is mainly
about 6 months each)
located on the Northern Pacific Coast of
The temperature is almost always
cool, but in the summer it can get North America (from Oregon to Alaska)
quite hot and in the winter quite There are also Temperate Rainforests in
cold (near freezing). Chile in South America, Russia, China,
New Zealand, and Australia.
The Temperate Rainforest: Animals
In temperate rainforests youll find a different set of amazing animals. Most of these animals live on, or near the
forest floor where they are protected from the wind and rain by the trees above.
Examples: Deer, Cougars, Bobcats, Black Bears, Mountain Lions, Timber-wolves, Hawks, and Elk.
Plants of the
Plants of the Rainforest: Layers
The plants of the forests grow in different layers:

The Canopy: the highest level of the rainforest. A roof formed by the branches and leaves
of the areas largest trees. Most of the trees reach over 120 ft high
Examples: Evergreen trees, orchids, and moss.
The Understory: includes mid-range trees and smaller plants. Even the largest plants in this area
dont typically grow over 10 feet.
Examples: shrubs, vines, herbs, and the strangler fig.
The strangler fig: This plant is able to take root on the host tree branch, drop a long root
to the ground, and eventually strangles the host tree as it grows, by taking over its
The Ground Stratum: includes all of the vegetation that receives the least amount of light and
is lowest to the ground. You will find few plants on the bottom layer of forest due to lack of sunlight.
Examples: Fungus is the most common plant life at the ground level, because fungus is able to
thrive in dark, moist areas.
Rainforests: Plants Layers


The Canopy
The Ground Stratum
Plants and Rainforests:
The Temperate Rainforest: The Tropical Rainforest:

There are about 10 - 20 species of trees in Hundreds of species of trees in tropical

temperate rainforests that are mostly rainforests
coniferous (meaning they have needles). Flowers including orchids and bromeliads
Trees in temperate rainforests can live much grow in tropical rainforests.
longer than humans, some live for up to The Rubber Tree - produces latex
1000 years! Epiphytes - most common plant (plants
Moss growing on tree trunks & branches)
Ferns Pitcher Plants - Carnivorous insects
Why are Rainforests important?
Rainforests are extremely important because the water they
produce is evaporated and then used as rain in other areas.
Rainforests provide people with many cooking spices such as
vanilla and black pepper.
Because of the amount of trees in tropical rainforests, it is
responsible for the majority of the oxygen production in the air that
we breathe.
Rainforests play a crucial role in regulating the earths temperature
and weather patterns.
Why are rainforests disappearing, and
how can we save them?
We can save them by
Rainforests are disappearing/ being cut down
Teaching others about the importance of the
environment and how they can help save rainforests.
wood for both timber and making fires;
agriculture for both small and large farms;
land for poor farmers who dont have anywhere else Restoring- planting trees on land where forests have
to live been cut down.
grazing land for cattle;
pulp for making paper;
road construction Encouraging people to live in a way that doesn't hurt
extraction of minerals and energy the environment

**Rainforests are also threatened by climate change. Establishing parks to protect rainforests and wildlife

Supporting companies that operate in ways that