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Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the
northern third of the island of Great Britain. It shares a border
with England to the south, and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic
Ocean, with the North Sea to the east and the North Channel and Irish
Sea to the south-west. In addition to the mainland, the country is made
up of more than 790 islands, including the Northern Isles and
the Hebrides .
Tourist attractions
Loch Ness

One of the most famous lakes in the world, Loch Ness is the second
biggest lake in Scotland, after Lomond. Here was born the mythical
legend about the famous aquatic monster. It is believed that his
sanctuary is in the depths of this lake.
Stirling castle

Striling castle is one of the most spectacular in all Scotland. Long time ago it
served for defense. You can experience the sixteen century life. The history
enthusiasts cant miss it
Edinburgh castle

Edinburgh castle is a magnificent example of architecture and an

important politic and military. You can climb on the top of inactive volcano
nearby to admire this impressive structure

Here containing this type of breakfast: sausages fried slices of bacon drawn
skillet, eggs ,tattle scone (is made in general with boiled potatoes and
butter , in general looks like a pie round and it is cut in four slices )
mushrooms to the pan, tomatoes grilled, beans cooked, toast with butter
and what is and specifically there butand here in Transylvania " black
pudding "or the meaning, blood sausage.
Cream soup

They have a cream soup of lamb or mutton and it is called broth.

"Fish & chips"

"Fish & chips" that came from a working-class food, dock workers, a
sort of leitmotif in British premises. At home, before returning to a fish
fried potatoes, fish & chips was the fillet of cod went through a dough
based on beer and fried in oil, sprinkled with white vinegar and served
with fried potatoes directly from a cone made from newsprint.
The official national sports of Scotland
are Rugby and Soccer
Every team has 15 players on the terrain
Each one tries to score at the adversarry
batoti/the score line/by a penalty
The lenght of a game is 80 minutes
To score the players can move just by
passing towards,frontwards or backwards
To take back the ball from the adversary
team you need to board the carrier of the
Tournaments:National Tournament,The
United Kingdoms Tournament

30 teams
Leagues:UEFA Champions League,Europa League,NationalLeague,FIFA
Has national team
0 European leagues won
Scottish music

As you travel around Scotland, iconic sounds of the bagpipes will fill the
air, and it's likely you'll hear a parade of pipers before you see them. Youll
come across pipers on high streets entertaining passers-by, in parades, at
Highland games and during festivities throughout the year in Scotland, as
well as at gigs and music festivals.
Bagpipe music has strong connections to Gaelic culture and there are
roughly two main styles of music played on the bagpipes, Cel Mr and
Cel Beag. In Gaelic, this means 'big music' and 'little music'.
Many museums and castles tell interesting tales about the pipes amongst
their collections, but if youre really keen to find out more, your first port
of call should be the National Piping Centre in Glasgow. Exploring over 300
years of bagpipe history and featuring the oldest surviving chanter of the
Highland bagpipe anywhere in the world, the museum at the centre is an
excellent place to get acquainted with this iconic musicalINSTRUMENT.
Of course, we love the pipes, but Scottish music comes in several genres
and it has played anIMPORTANT part in social and cultural life for
generations of Scots. Folk music evenings and jamming sessions still take
place in many pubs around Scotland, where you can often turn up with
your instrument of choice and just join in!
Youre also likely to hear traditional music played in the streets in many of
Scotlands cities, with buskers entertaining the crowds at all times of the