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Project Contents

Block Flow Diagram.
Unit Process Description.
Equipment List.
Project Cost Estimation & Economic Study.
Conclusion & Recommendations.
The composition of natural gas is an important factor in deciding what process configuration to employ for recovering natural
gas liquids (NGLs). The recovery of NGLs from Sabrata platform natural gas export was evaluated in terms of cooling duties
and requirements. A technical investigation of a new proposal for the configuration of the liquid recovery unit (LRU) was carried
out. The study involved a cost feasibility study to assess the profitability of the proposed alternative. The material and energy
balance calculations was carried out using the commercial software HYPROTECHs HYSYS. The analysis excluded both
pretreatment units sweetening and dehydration processes. The gas is cooled to a very low temperature to enable the recovery
of the natural gas liquids. The cooling is achieved using a propane chiller in the original design and in this study, it is proposed
to use turbo expander to achieve a higher NGL recovery. The results show that a liquid recovery of 93% compared to 53%
liquid recovery in the original design.

The economic evaluation of project was also carried out, the rate of return is 85% and payback period 1 year and 1 month.
Bahr Essalm field (Sabratha Platform) Are Located In The NC-41 Filed, 110 km Off The Libyan Coast. The
Gas Platform Is Transmitted By The 22 inch Pipeline In Approximately 220m Water Depth To Mellitah, On
The Libyan Coast, For The Treatment In Mellitah Gas Plant; The Produced Dry Gas Is Compressed And
Sent To Sicily, Italy Through The Green Stream Pipeline While Some Quantity Of The Product Is To Be Sold
In The Local Market, and the recovered liquid sent to storage tanks to be stored and then shipped for sale
on the Libyan or global market.

The objective of this work is to simulate the main units used in the liquid recovery unit in Mellitah
Complex. The specific objectives are:

Material and energy balance around each equipment in the LRU unit for the new proposal.

Equipment sizing of the major equipment's used.

Eventually a cost estimation and cash flow diagram was developed to evaluate the meltability of
the project.
Block Flow Diagram
Refrigeration Unit
Air cooler

Raw Gas
Sales Gas
From Sabratah Dew Point Control Unit
Sweet Gas Unit 707 MMSCFD
Platform Dehydration Unit Gas- Gas Pre-cooler
Inlet Facilities Heater Molecular Sieve LTS (Low Temperature Separator)
Slug Catcher Absorber Column Gas Propane Chiller . Sales Gas
Vessels Low Temperature = -37.6 C H2S < 5 mg
DEA Regeneration H2O < 0.01 ppm
Raw Gas CO2 < 5 %
H2S = 1.57 %
H2O = 0.2 %
CO2 = 15 %

Fractionation Unit
De-Ethanizer Column
Off gas Compressor
De-Butanaizer Column

Light Naphtha LPG

C5+ = 2657 BBLD C3 = 951 BBLD
C4 = 2088 BBLD
Refrigeration Unit
Air cooler

Raw Gas
Sales Gas
From Sabratah Deep Cooling Unit
Sweet Gas Unit 692 MMSCFD
Platform Dehydration Unit 2 Sales Gas- Feed Gas cooler
Inlet Facilities Heater Molecular Sieve 3 Liquid De-ethanizer Feed Gas
Slug Catcher Absorber Column Vessels
Cooler Sales Gas
Gas Propane Chiller H2S < 5 mg
DEA Regeneration H2O < 0.01 ppm
Low Temperature = -51.6 C
Raw Gas CO2 < 5 %
H2S = 1.57 %
H2O = 0.2 %
CO2 = 15 %

Dew Poin Control &Fractionation

LTS Low temperature Separator
Turro Expander T=-95 C
De-Ethanizer Column
Off gas Compressor
De-Butanaizer Column
Deprpanaizer Column

Light Naphtha
C3 = 9178 BBLD
C5+ =9723 BBLD
C4 =6926 BBLD
Proposal Design
Sales Gas
Sales Gas To
Off Gas
Cooling section From
@ -85 C
@0.5 C

Dry & Sweet Gas From

-58 c
Dehydration Unit T= 55 C

-16 C
% 21 To LTS
@ -51.23 C

Propane To To Dethanizer
To Dethanizer Refrigeration Tray 15
To Debutanizer Tray 24

% 79
15 C -1.3 C -5 C

-58 C
Propane From

Stream From DEthanizer Stream From DEthanizer Tray Stream From DEthanizer Tray
bottom products 24 15
Propane chiller

100 % Vapor
Gas Propane Chiller Propane @ 76 C & 19.5 Bar

Air Cooler
100 % Vapor
Propane @-15C

@ -5 C 100 % Liquid
50 % Vapor
50 % Liquid Propane @ 55 C
Propane @-15C & 19.2 Bar

JouleThomson Valve
Dew Point Control Unit
Off Gas @-85 to
Cooling System

57 Bar

19 Bar
LLTS @ -95C
Gas From Cooling
Turbo Expander
system @-51 C

Dethanizer 33 Trays

Liquid to Detanaizer Tray no 1

LTS @-51C

Liquid & Vapor to Detanaizer Tray no 7

@19 bar & -75.3 C

C3+ to Debutanaizer
Fractionation Unit


Propane to Storage Tanks

C3+ to Debutanaizer

Depropanaizer 20 trays

Debutanaizer 35 trays

Butane to Storage Tanks

Light Naphtha C5+ to Storage Tanks

Gas Compressor Unit

Gas to Green Stream Pipe

line T = 55 C
P= 70 Bar
Off Gas @ 0.43 C
& 17.6 Bar

T = 26 C
P= 23.6 Bar T = 131 C
P= 70 Bar
Equipment Sizing
Equipment Sizing

The sizing of main equipment was carried. These are as follows

1- Heat exchanger

2- Compressor

3- Distillation column
Heat Exchanger (E-100)

Distillation (De-propanizer)
Propane to Storage Tanks

Depropanaizer 20 trays
Summary Of Distillation Sizing

Butane to Storage Tanks

Compressor (k-101)
Cost Estimation
The Purchased Cost Of Equipment For One Train

Equipment Cost $ Equipment Cost $

V-100 198400 T-100 41300
V-101 87800 E-105 297900
E-100 260200 AC-100 732900
E-101 122300 V-102 290800
E-102 134500 E-100 8400
K-100 3391300 T-101 358500
K-101 7513100 AC-100 73200
T-100 396900 K-100 935000
E-103 2464500 V-100 15300
E-104 28100 T-101 110200
TOTAL =$ 33,353,500
Project Cost Estimation & Economic Study.

Total Capital Investment (TCI) $ 456,897,260.2

Total income $ 525,583,232.9
- Production Cost $ 134,513,423
Gross profit $ 391,069,809.9
- 50% income tax $ 262,791,616.5
+ Depreciation $ 15,534,506.85
Cash flow $ 143,812,700.3

Rate of return (DCFROR) = 85.6%

Payback period = 1 year & 1 month