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Wound between fetlock and pastern

joint and maggots infestation

Presented by: Muhammad Rizwan
Reg.# 2013-VA-211
Initial assessment of injured animal include
1.Whole body Examination
2.Vital signs should Examined
3.History should be taken ,because it may have important bearing on
wound management
4.Location of wound is then assessed
5.One should assess the structures(muscle,bone,tendon and blood
vessels) have been injured and extent of the injury.
Wound is a type of injury which happens relatively quickly in
which skin is torn, cut, or punctured (an open wound), or where blunt
force trauma causes a contusion(a closed wound). In pathology, it
specifically refers to a sharp injury which damages the dermis of the
Depending upon the healing time of wound ,it may be classified as
1.Acute wound
2.Chronic wound
chronic wounds take a longer time to heal and might have some
This was the Chronic wound,here maggots infestation occurred.
Wounds can be open or closed.
Open wounds: are wounds with exposed underlying tissue and/or
organs that are open to the outside environment (like penetrating
Closed wounds have damage that occurs without exposing the
underlying tissue and organs (non-penetrating wounds).
Another way to classify wounds is to determine if the wound is clean
or contaminated.
Clean wounds have no foreign materials or debris inside,
whereas contaminated wounds or infected wounds might have dirt,
fragments of the causative agent, bacteria or other foreign materials.
History of Animal
Animal:Bull Breed:Dhani
Age:5 year
weight: 350kg
Wound between the fetlock and pastern joint during ploughing due to
Temperature:102.5 C
Heart rate : 48 per min
Respiration:44 per min
Casting of animal
Preparation of wound
Edges of wound are clipped and shaved,to prevent the introduction of
hair into wound.
We washed the wound with irrigator(KMno4)..
Other isotonic solutions,germicidal agents or diluted disinfectant
agents can be used ,but they should be diluted,otherwise further
cellular damage will occur and will prolong the inflammatory
response.Soap solution should be avoide because they are too irritant
to tissue.
Povidone-iodine(Betadine) solution is widely used,but it should also
be diluted.
we left the wound to heal by secondary intention.In this way wound
will fill with granulation tissue and skin re-establishes continuity by
epithelialization or wound contraction.
Wound healing by this process needs constant attention.should be
daily clean.
When Granulation bed will established ,then we will not use the
topical antibiotic(Terragen spray) because of innate resistance to
infection of this tissue.
If excessive granulation formed then it should be removed until it
approximate the level of skin, otherwise it will retard the migration of
And then we washed with pyodine solution.
Because this was septic(Contaminated wound) and open wound so
maggots infestation occur.For This we used the chlroform.And
Terragen spray used because this also contain pyremethrin.And
advised the owner to used Neem oil to prevent the flies sitting on
But for this Himax ointment and Neosporin antibiotic ointment can be
After Antiseptic dressing we used the parental drugs.
At first day used drugs are:
Malonac inj 12ml
Penivet 40lac IU
At 2nd ,third and fourth days same method repeated but we used
Encure 10 antibiotic.
And at fourth day Bandage is applied on wound.