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The way to better future for education in India

encounters the challenge of bridging a

massive and growing gap between supply of
education .

Education is the third Reith an ideal

of public broadcasting, and hence the
responsibility of state-funded television for
purpose of distant education in India of no
means relevant
So this responsibility was undertaken
Gyandarshan channel came in 2000
247 dedicated education TV channel

Ministry of Human Resource

Development, Information and
Broadcasting, the Prasar Bharti and
IGNOU launched Gyan Darshan jointly
on 26th January 2000

Joint venture of Doordarshan and


IGNOU transmits programs from its

Electronic Media Production Centre at
New Delhi
Programs for primary schools, secondary
schools, open school, teachers
enrichment education, open and distance
115 learning, vocational courses, courses
for disadvantaged sections of the society

include career guidance, computer

education, preparation for competitive
exams, edutainment, arts, culture, tourism
and other developmental themes

The channel also telecasts educational

current affairs program
Contributing organizations for this
channel are IGNOU, UGC, NCERT, IIT,
Different Ministries, and Rashtriya
Sanskrit Sansthan etc

Startedout as a two-hour daily test

transmission channel for students of open
and conventional universities

Withinone year of its launching, 26th

January 2001, the channel had become
non-stop daily twenty-four hours
transmission channel for educational
23 hours of indigenous programmes sourced
from partner institutions and one hour of
foreign programmes

Gyan Darshan had made its presence felt in

all open universities and most of the
prominent conventional universities, schools,
it had potential to reach to the doorsteps of
learners through cable television network
Gyan Darshan - 1
Main Gyandarshan channel.
Launched with an initial four hours
transmissions is today, free to air, round the
clock TV channel, reaching out to millions of
viewers across the subcontinent
The Channel is today, Kaleidoscope
It programmers include the country 'wide
classroom produced by CET,UGC Tecnovion
produced by IITS and Bhasha Mandakini
On September 5 2003
Gyan Darshan - 2

Serves to distance learners through real

time interactive programs

Gyandarshan-2 and TDCC [Training

Development Communication Channel]are
one way video and two-way audio satellite-
based interactive system.
Gyan DarshanIII (Eklavya), offers programs
for vocational and technical education

GDIV (Vayas), serves to higher education


Plans are afoot to launch Gyan DarshanV

channel which will be dedicated exclusively
to the program on science, technology and
sustainable development
Television can be and has been
effectively used for the purpose of

Gyan Darshan which is very helpful for

good eduction and higher edcation
Mount Carmel College of Teacher
Education for Women