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You can succeed without questions when:

M You have the Power

M You are the Expert

M You can afford Risks

ihe importance of this skill in Selling

M muestions get the buyer talking.

MIn asking questions you control the buyers attention.

muestions require a response.

M muestions persuade, reasons don¶t. You can never persuade

people of anything. Asking the right questions will allow
people to persuade themselves.

M muestions uncover needs.

muestioning is the most important of all sales behaviours.
muestions persuade more powerfully than any other form of
verbal behaviour.
muestioning is related to success in
MManagement Interactions
MPerformance Interviews
ihe more questions you ask the more successful the
interaction is likely to be.
‡ muestions




! Benefit-iag ) 
 " muestions

Ask for order/

Form bjective Construction

‡io give information
What, When, How,
pen-Ended in breadth
Who Care
muestions ‡io Gain information
io confirm assumptions

Closed-Ended Unambigious answer.

muestions io gain information
io give information

Benefit-tag Advantage +
muestions Following Close
Ended muestions

M Exactly what does the customer need?

M Are there Budgetary issues?

M Who are all involved in making the Decisions?

M What¶s the iiming of purchase?

M What are the steps involved in getting the sale?

M What are the criteria for making the Decision?

&$-#$+' .(,#'$
M bjectives are merely requests for more information.
M ³I am not convinced yet, give me a reason why I should buy?
M Gate Keepers are not even at middle Management position.

M Show me ³roof of the Reputation´.

Sales Person's Personal References & Background.
List of Satisfied customers

* # '/0

M Do not argue with UR prospect
M Don¶t put Ur prospect in defensive position

M I agree with U but

M No does not mean Never- Persist
M I can¶t afford it.
- Prospect evaluated but fear of making wrong decision.
- Explain in the value ±cost/Sqm/Mil/Yr

M I am not Interested-
- Check now or any time.not now.
- Are u using Fab-nly F nly
M ihink it ver- What other information U need to make a decision
M Come back in 30 Days
- We deliver now pay later
- ffer end month offer
- Confirm the Date

Unable to Risk reduction

ialk io Boss Justify decision Benefit review

Set with
Doesn¶t see
Current provider Differentiation
benefit of change

Past experience affecting

Bad History Current view
ffer proof of Change

Pkg,Dely, ‰Improved
Min rder mty ‰Exception Convince
Agreement ierms ‰Universal Me

Price high Perceived Cost Vs Benefit Value of Articulation

ihink About It Afraid to make Create comfort

bad Decision provide proof

Need More Unsure URs Best iargeted Solutions

muotes ption value
!1' (
³Sales People don¶t get paid for talking to Prospects:
ihey get paid for Selling´.
io gain the customers Commitment
Write the order + Exit- Not very Conducive
Puppy Dog Close:
Prompt the customer to try the product, establishes Customers commitment to try-self image of
customer goes up.
Assumptive Close:
Do U want the product iuesday/ihursday. Give a choice.Prompt the customer to try the
product, establishes Customers commitment to try-self image of customer goes up.
Ben Franklin Close:
Logical analysis of the Pros & Cons of the purcahse. Logic Influences the customers
Consulting selling:

3 4567( 8
945: ;m<

4  !!5

=4 !!  ! 5

&&),'‰ &

M Don¶t be afraid of ³N ´

M ihink Success.

M Know the type of close

1.Do U intend to buy before March 31st .

2.U would go for model A or B.
3.Would u like to avail our cash discount scheme or credit?
4.Where would U like the Material to be dispatched?
3?+ *   
M Be a good Listener
M Select the right prospect.

M Plan your sale & sell your plan.

M Arouse attention.
M Identify Buyer¶s motive.
M Present to meet motive.
M Look at the objection- An pportunity & clarify.
M See the buyers signals and close the sale.
M Use the post call for progress.
M Make a ³Win-Win´ situation.