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The terms Sociology and Political Science are closely related.

They both lack clearly defined meaning.
The origin of the term Political Science is rather old, as it is
associated with the Greek word polis whereas the term Sociology
was coined by Auguste Comte in 1839 to designate the science of
Sociology is the parent science of all the social sciences. It is the
science of society viewed as an aggregate of individuals or it is
the science of men in their associated process.

Sociology studies the various social activities and social

relationships of human beings. Whereas political Science studies
the political activities are also conducted within the society as it
deals with the political organizations, there principles and their
activities. It is also said that political science is incomplete
without the study of sociological background.
The state, government, nature of government organs, law and
order, etc. are determined by social progress. In this context, the
root ground of both sociology and Political Science are society.
Difference between pol science and sociology

Political science specialized social science, sociology is a general

social science
Sociology deals with society as a whole, political science deals
with political aspect
Sociology unit is society, political science unit is state
Sociology deals with all forms of association, political science one
form of association
Sociology man is a social animal political science man is a
political animal
Sociology and political science

Political science depends upon sociology and sociology provides

material to political science that is the political life of the people.
Therefore, some sociologists regard political science as a special
branch of sociology, it can be said that without sociological
background the study of political science is quite impossible.
Political science deals with the social group organized under the
sovereignty of the state. The forms of government, the nature of
governmental organs, the laws and sphere of the state activity are
chiefly determined by the social processes.
The laws which are formed by the government are based on the
social customs, traditions, mores, norms, etc. of the society.
Sociology and political science

Most of the changes which have been taken place in the political
theory, during the past times have been possible due to sociology.
For understanding of political problems, some knowledge about
sociology is very essential because all political problems are
mainly corrected with a social aspect.
Thus, both sociology and political science depends upon each
other. Both are inter-related and inter-dependent. Truly, it can be
said that society is the mirror of politics of the country. According
to G.E.G. Catlin, sociology and political science are the two faces
of the same figure.
Relation between pol science and sociology

The state is a particular and special association of society

Political science deals with the political activities of man .It deals
with the principles of organization and government of human
society.It studies social groups organized under the sovereignty of
the state.
It is said that without the sociological background the study of
political science will be complete.The forms of government ,the
nature of govermental organs,the laws and sphere of the state
activities are determined by the social process.Both the sciences
are mutually helpful since political activities is only a part of the
social activities
Relation between pol science and sociology

Political activity influences and is influences by the social life of

the man. Politics is after all the reflection of the society
Political science is concern with the state , sociology also studies
state as one of the human association . The state in it's early form
was more a social institution that of original one
Without sociological background , the study of political science
will be incomplete . But also sociology depend on political science
for its conclusion . The special study of political life of the society
is very important for the complete study of the society as a whole.

Interrelated yet different

Interdisciplinary approach of study
Complimentary and parallel science
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