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Electrical engineering is a
professional engineering discipline
that deals with the study and
application of electricity, electronics
and electromagnetism. The field first
became an identifiable occupation in
the late nineteenth century with the
commercialization of the electric
telegraph and electrical power supply.
Electronic components are more
easily to be improved and this
predicts that in the future things like
plasma, laptops, internet are going to
disappear because the electronics
creates new technological devices
every second and the way electronic
engineering functions create hope of
amazing changes that people might
not believe because things such as
Identity documents for the next years
will be regarded as useless papers.
Dielectric Susceptibility of a Material: The
finding of the dielectric susceptibility has
provided enough chances to the engineers
to make some ultra-equipped and highly
sensitive technological and electronic
Detection Systems Based on Quantum-
entanglement Effect: Entanglement, a
unique feature of quantum physics, is well
set to be used in future detection and
imaging systems. It is said to be more
efficient and accurate than those of many
detection system available these days.
Cell-sized Batteries: These microbatteries
could be only half the size of a human cell.
Interestingly, these would be made of
viruses. This rare innovation is set to provide
us a relief from heavy 9-volts batteries and
other models.
Precise Pattern Micro-chip: A self-
assembling molecular system which is called
block copolymers was known for many
years. This system was not very effective as
it could produce a molecular-orders or
patterns in a very limited way via self-
High-Power Solar Concentrators: As the
initial research has proved to be fruitful,
there are chances that in coming years we
will see a sort of solar concentrator, which
would be more efficient than the
contemporary solar concentrators.
Smart Optical Microchips: microchip is set
to utilize a complete and unorthodox
functional system. This chip may be capable
of being adjusted to the "amount of
bandwidth available in an optical network.
New Analog Circuits: However, it is said
that it would be as useful as the existing
operational amplifier-based circuits. The
scientists call these analog circuits as
comparator-based switched capacitor
(CBSC) circuits.
III-V Compound Semiconductors: The
electrons travel many times faster in these
composite materials than they could travel in
silicon. Indium gallium arsenide, or InGaAs is
one of those composite materials which
allow the electrons to move at their fastest.
Wireless Energy Transmitter: The wireless
energy transmitter would be able to recharge
laptops, cellphones and other small devices
without coming in actual physical contact of
these devices. Amazingly, they would
recharge such things from few meters away.
It works by surrounding the devices making
a non-radioactive electromagnetic field
instead of transmitting electromagnetic
High Efficiency Photovoltaic Cells: One of
the enduring challenges of modern electrical
engineering is to find an implementation of
photovoltaic technology that is efficient,
effective under varying operating conditions,
and highly resistant to damage while not
being cost-prohibitive.
Smart Electrical Grids: Smart grids
integrate innovative electrical technology at
multiple levels to improve flow control, detect
malfunctions, and automate service delivery.
Virtual Reality: Virtual reality draws on
multiple disciplines, but in terms of providing
a sensory experience that maps effectively to
real life, electrical engineering is crucial.
Eye Tracking Technology: it has matured,
eye tracking technology has grown into an
important frontier in accessibility for the
disabled, allowing technology access
through eye movement. Sensitive electronic
sensors are the basis of virtually all eye
Wireless Wearable Tech: The idea of the
Personal Area Network has been around in
computing science for a long time, but its
only now becoming a practical reality.
Devices can now operate on a smaller scale
than ever and interface seamlessly with the
wider environment.
Graphene: Graphenes unique
characteristics make it the strongest known
material on Earth. It can stretch by 20%,
making it as pliable as rubber.
Ion Thruster Energy: NASA and others
have been working on the prototype ion
Fuel Cells A zero-emission fuel-cell In transport, cars will run on new,
car clean fuels and they will go very fast.
Cars will have computers to control
the speed of the car and there won't
be any accidents. Today, many cars
have computers that tell drivers
exactly where they are. The computer
The 2008 Honda FCX Clarity will control the car and drive it to your
$600 / month for 3 years destination and beside that, they will
Driverless cars are now are coming have a new design. On the other
but, flying cars are a little bit further hand, space planes will take people
but as soon as the civilian air halfway around the world in two
corridors be set up, then inside a hours. By 2050, space planes will fly
heavy traffic you might ask the all over the world and people will fly
controller Please a avian line, I am in from Los Angels to Tokyo in just two
a hurry hours. The utilization of new energies
will be more often because de oil will
end very soon. Can you imagine a car
run of vegetables or wind?
ROBOTIC: In the domain of Automation Machinery designed to
technology, robots will have replaced carry out a specific task
people in factories. Many factories Bottling machine
already use robots. Big companies Dishwasher
prefer robots- they do not ask for Paint sprayer
pay rises or go on strike, and they Robots machinery designed to carry
work 24 hours a day. By 2050, we out a variety of tasks
will see robots everywhere- in Pick and place arms
factories, schools, offices, hospitals, Mobile robots
shops and homes. Computer Numerical Control
In medicine technology will have
conquered many diseases. Today, there
are electronic devices that connect directly
to the brain to help people hear. By 2050,
we will be able to help blind and deaf
people see again and hear again.
Scientists have discovered how to control
genes. They have already produced clones
of animals.

Body monitoring is the next generation of

prevention that will tell you as soon as
there is something working abnormally
inside the body. This is active prevention
Things to Come

2024- Ingestible Robots

2029- Carbon Breathing Batteries
2034- Unhackable Quantum Internet,
Solar Power
2040- Genetic Computing
2045- Fusion Power and
Space-Based Solar Energy

2050- Carbon Sequestration

2055- Wavetop and Undersea Cities

We will be more human, because we will be richer, healthier and more

peaceful. This is not an invention but is a dream something has been possible
from centuries ago and still is remained a dream.