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Sara Eslami:
Professional Development
Direct Patient Care Abilities

Personal strengths
Sensitive to patients individual needs
Kind, empathetic, and compassionate
Determined to learn, improve, and grow

Opportunities for improvement

Skills proficiency
Inter-professional communication
Direct Patient Care

Short term goals (1 2 years)

Gain confidence and competence as a new nurse and a
hospital team member
Refine my nursing judgment, assessment abilities, and
skills proficiency
Acquire the knowledge required to teach patients and
families on health information. Effectively communicate
this information in an individualized way.

Long term goals (3 5 years)

Participate in outreach and community involvement
endeavors utilizing my skills and knowledge as a nurse
Unit Leadership Abilities

Personal strengths
Ability to work as a team member and
compassionately approach others

Opportunitiesfor improvement
Confidence and assertiveness
Unit Leadership

Short term goals (1 - 2 years)

Communicate with staff members, including
CNLs, charge nurses, preceptors, and educators
Implement integrative therapy techniques into
Join unit-based counsels

Long term goals (3 - 5 years)

Conduct educational workshops for patients and
underserved populations
Precept new registered nurses to the workplace
Doctors without borders
Professional Development

Short term goals (1 2 years)

Obtain a pediatric new graduate nursing position
Pediatrics-related certifications
Read literature and participate in educational
Develop organizational and time management

Long term goals (3 5 years)

Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN)
Cross-train to different units
Management/Leadership Book

First year nurse: wisdom, warnings, and what I wish

Id known on my first 100 days on the job
Barbara Arnoldussen

Rationale: to feel less anxious and more confident

at the start my nursing career

Compliment to strengths/areas of improvement:

seeking wisdom from experienced nurses

Professional growth: self-care, how to be a leader,

how to handle difficult situations/patients
Leadership Shadowing (SAVAHCS)
SoniaHelmich, BSN MSN FNP-C
Nurse practitioner
Rationale: to see a provider role in nursing
Shadowing experience: assessments, evaluations,
and orders for rehabilitation patients

VictoriaSimmons, BSN MSN

Assistant nurse manager
Rationale: to see a managerial role in nursing
Shadowing experience: audits, administrative
decision-making, quality improvement projects
Professional Activities
Inter-professional Education and Practice (IPEP)
Team Behavior Simulation polypharmacy
Rationale: to interact and engage in a project with
students of various healthcare colleges
Experience: opportunity to communicate and
collaborate with students in interdisciplinary fields

Bleeding Control class

Rationale: to gain knowledge on techniques for the
management of bleeding and emergency situations
Experience: information provided in this course
was beneficial for clinical and non-clinical situation
Educational Plan
Personal aspirations
Become a competent pediatric nurse
Work with humanitarian organizations such as Doctors
without Borders
Potential opportunities
Acquire a new graduate nursing position in pediatrics
Community involvement

Short-term goals (1-2 years)

Pediatric certifications
Become more proficient in another language

Long-term goals (3-5 years)

Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN)
Masters of Science in Nursing
Short-term goals

Begin work in Become

Engage in
a New Grad competent in
Pass NCLEX educational
Residency my career as
program an RN

Long-term goals

Participate in Precept new Masters of

Obtain CPN
outreach nurses to the Science in
opportunities workplace Nursing

Arnouldussen, B. (2016). First year nurse: Wisdoms, warnings

and what I'd wish I'd known my first 100 days on the job (4th
Ed.). New York, NY: Kaplan Publishing.