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Prepared By
Nazmus Sakib Siam
Jarin Rahman
Sadman Riasad Aurit
Mohammad Rakib Hossain
Jayeed Al Sabit
Md. Raihanul Islam
Company Overview
How coffee is produced
Starbucks Corporation (Seattle, Washington on march
1971 )

About Three Founders

1. University of San Francisco English teacher Jerry
2. History teacher Zev Siegl
3. Writer Gordon Bowker
Starbucks Name

Starbucks Operation (23,768 locations worldwide)

Total Revenue US $19,16 billion (2015)
President and CEO is Kevin Johnson
Company Overview
Product: Roasted and handcrafted high- quality/premium
priced coffees, tea, a variety of fresh food items and
other beverages.
Variety of coffee and tea products and license their
trademarks through other channels such as licensed
stores, grocery and national food service accounts.

Coffee/ Decaf Coffee Hot / Cold Sandwiches
Tea/ Decaf tea Pastries
Juice/ Drinks Cakes/ Muffins
Milkshakes Salads
Ice Creams / Ice Drinks Yoghurts
Market Positioning
Premium brand of coffee
Customer Satisfaction

Competitive strategy
Highly focused differentiation
Serve niche buyers.
High price.
Premium quality of coffee
Porters Five forces

Threat of Open Market

Low technological factors
New Less Costly.
Entrants- High No need of high infrastructure .

People are consuming other drinks.

Threat of Substitute Consumption depends on weather.
High Concious people are drinking juice.
Tea, Juice, Soft-drinks, hot/cold chocolet wine.
Porters Five forces
Stablished market.
Many competators with less variation.
High Cost is very important factor.

Bargaining power Low switching cost.

of Buyers High price sensitivity.
High Many options.

Bargaining power Many suppliers.

of Suppliers Big market.
Low No strong issues regarding coffe import.
PESTEL analysis

Socio Cultural
Financial Plan & Funding
Initial Capital was $1350 when started in
Went Public in 1992
Avoided Debt till 1996
In 2015, their equity was $5819.8m; Debt
was $2347.5m
In 2016, their equity was $5890.7m; Debt
was $3202.2m
SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weakness
1. Aggressive expansion.
1. Strong brand image.
2.Increasing steps of domestic product .
2 .Good relationship with coffee suppliers.
3.Find the alternative
3. Comfortable location

Opportunities Threats
1. 1. New distribution channel. 1. Change in customer perception.
2. 2. Numerous brand extension. 2. Change in economic environment.
3. 3. Increasing competitors.
Marketing Plan

Managerial Approach
top down approach
Top-Level management are the executives
Operational Strategy
Succeed on their expansion throughout the world
Still growing
Best service and atmosphere
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