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Viktor Koen

Damsel Exhibition Viktor Koen is an award winning digital artist, illustrator and
educator. He is a regulator contributor to leading publications including
The New York times, Wall Street Journal and Business week to name a
few. He currently works out of New York and uses photos scanned
objects and other media in the production of art.

Born 1967 in Thessaloniki Greece

Received his BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in
Jerusalem and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City
Damsel No. 4
Has received numerous awards (>20) of the course of 15 years
Has had shows in the US, Europe, Russia, Greece as well as other
Exhibited his art work in museums across the US, Europe, Japan &
In his work he uses a myriad tools and techniques and media such as
photos, layers textures
I selected Viktor Koen as my Digital Artist since I thought his art was unique in
that it used a variety of objects , individuals, fictional characters and photos
Medusa Minotaur and fused or integrated them into objects that are recognizable and
interesting art pieces.
Koens web site highlights several exhibitions of which I think two are most
interesting and highlight his style and influence his approach.

His Bestiary exhibition merges or integrates Greek mythology creatures

with contemporary life forms or physical objects to form a hybrid creature
which can be viewed a a monster or object.
His Toyphabet exhibition also focuses on integration but brings fusion into
the equation. Everyday objects are transformed to form letters of the
Source materials are integrated
The focus in Mr Koens work is the photographic compositing of paint, charts,
diagrams and amazing examples of drastically different source materials
integrated into a cohesive composition within Photoshop. 1

1. Digital Art Revolution, Scott Ligon


Toy No. 8 Vanity Study No. 6

Warphabet Toyphabet Q
Damsel 22 Mole The Moralist Cutting Shapes