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What is technical writing?

Is any written form of writing or drafting

technical communication used in a variety of
technical and occupational field, such as
engineering, education, etc.

It is a type of writing where the author is

writing about a particular subject that requires
direction, instruction, or explanation.
The subject of technical writing can either be:

Tangible something that can be seen and touched such

as computer or software program, or information on how
to assemble a piece of furniture.

Abstract something that involved a series of steps that

arent related to a tangible object. One example of this
might be steps required to complete an office process.
Some examples of technical writing include:

Instruction manuals
Policy manuals
User manuals
Reports of analysis
Instructions for assembling a product
A summarization of a whole report that highlights
and shortens the most important elements.
Tips for Good Technical Writing

Know your audience

Use an impersonal style (write from a third person
The writing should be straightforward, to the point
and simple as possible to make your readers
understand the process or instruction
Know how to research.
Be thorough in description and provide enough
detail to make your points.
A good technical writer can make a
difficult task easy and can quickly
explain a complex piece of
1. The _______________________ writing merely focuses
on business, science and technology and not on emotion.
a. Literary
b. Technical
c. Creative

2. Are my spelling, punctuation and grammar correct?

is the question need not to be considered in the
_____________________ process.
a. Pre-writing
b. During writing
c. Post writing
3. The__________________ uses familiar words and
sentences that logical, concrete and specific
a. Clarity
b. Conciseness
c. Conclusion

4. The paragraph is adequately developed when it

describes, explains and supports the
______________ .
a. Main idea
b. Topic sentence
c. Conclusion
5. The _______________________ mode of paragraph development
uses visuals like tables and figures in writing.
a. Illustrations
b. Description of mechanism
c. Description of process

6. The _________________ shows the strengths and weaknesses of the

existing business and proposed venture.
a. Proposal letter
b. Analytical report
c. Feasibility studies
7. The ______________ shows that you are respectfully borrowing others
people idea and not stealing them.
a. Bibliography
b. Paraphrase
c. Summary

8. The _____________contains the complete name, address of the letters


a. Heading
b. Inside address
c. Salutation
9. The _________________ is very useful In presenting business
report now a days .
a. Overhead projector
b.E book
c. MS powerpoint

10. Which sentence is correct?

a. Motorola has just announced their new Power PC chip.
b.Motorola has just announced its new Power PC chip.