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Holocaust ppt.

Samuel Porter
Nazi racism
Nazi racism consisted of two distinct beliefs or doctrines, the hatred
of Jews and the belief in a super race known as the Aryan.
Racism caused the people of Germany to kill off millions of Jews
during wwII
This caused the creation of Nazi Death Camps known as
concentration camps, essentially a less humane version of the
American internment camps
Hitler was a major driving factor of this movement.
Nazi rule
Nazi rule consisted of quite a few different belief systems. One of
which being revenge for world war 1s treaty of Versailles.
The Nazis controlled most of Europe for a decent amount of time
after it started moving its forces through the continent.
Nazi rule caused many inhumane activities to flourish in the midst of
a war on humanity. The Jews were hit the hardest.
This rule was the start of a major increase in the German economy,
essentially turning Germany into a wartime powerhouse. Much like
the usa.
Jews in prewar Germany
The jews were living quite well in Germany from the end of world war
one until the start of Hitler's dictatorship.
Jews could walk the streets freely and mostly without prejudice.
Many beliefs were in Germany before ww2 but after Hitler was
introduced to the people of Germany, that changed, with only one
anti-Semitic mindset that wiped out a large portion of the Jewish
Ante bellum, the Jewish people lived decently all-in-all.
The final solution
This was the plan that Hitler called for in Nazi Germany.
This solution supposedly ended the Jewish problem in Germany
and in most other countries immediately surrounding Germany.
This opened ghettos and camps all around Germany and almost
anywhere else the Nazi regime gained rule over, auschwits-berknau
being the first or possibly second worst off all the camps.
These camps were designed to be perfect instruments of death and
for the most part, did its job
Nazi camp system
The Nazi camp system, the worst part of the Nazi regime. death
camps were the name given them during this time period for
obvious reasons.
The most famous camp was auschwits-berknau which was centered
in the lower right portion on Germany if you were to look on a map.
Many such camps were opened and all of them caused its fair share
of death and despair, splitting families and killing off many of its
inhabitants, save for a lucky few.
There are many memoirs (night) and even a diary (Anne frank) based
on the time period surrounding these camps.
Rescue and resistance
There were few camps secured by Jewish-friendly forces during the
span of the war. But those that were not secured had many resistance
cells operating inside of them.
With the Russians advancing through Germany, many camps were
turned inside out when the Russians met German forces surrounding
Most of western Germany was secured by the Russians by the wars
end and afterwards all of the camps closed, including auschwits-
There is an entire chapter in the memoir night based on the
securing of a Nazi camp that the author inhabited, the very end to be