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Metro Hair Transplant Clinic is one of

best Hair Restoration Clinic.Metro Hair
Transplant with the prime objective of
correction of baldness problems of
people including men and women. We
have a purpose to serve our patients
with the utmost satisfaction and
affordable cost of treatment. Our world
best team strives hard to meet the
expanding need of patients. Our utmost
determination and strive for work has
lined up in the fastest growing hair
clinics of the world. Our team digs into
treatment procedures for making their
results better than the best.

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular

anesthetic procedures that has been stepped in
when researchers discovered the amazing fact that
transplanted hair can survive and grow on the bald
site same as the donor site.

With the passage of time, this procedure has been

refined with the new methods and techniques as in
earlier days only strip removal method was there
also known as FUT method but now FUE has also
been introduced which is considered more result

This surgical procedure involves the extraction

of hair follicles from the fertile part of scalp
called donor area. Primarily for this treatment
scalp diagnosis has been done by the
surgeons to select the donor site and even
medical history and analysis of each hair issue
has been done so that one can get the best

Generally hair follicles for donation are selected

from the back head and the sides of the head
near the neck where the loss resistant and
healthy hair follicles are present with sufficient
density. With the use of small punches these
follicles are removed from the shaved head one
by one then these hair units are harvested into
the infertile area of scalp known as a recipient
or bald area.
The entire process of FUE Hair transplant has
been done under the local anesthesia so that
patient can get escape from the pain and
discomfort during the surgery.

Metro Hair Transplant

Dr. J. P. Walia
147, model town, First floor
Ambala City Ambala(Haryana) - 134003
30 crystal plaza market
Near PIMS Hospital Garaha road
Choti Baradari Jalandhar(Punjab) - 144001