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Da Costa, Domingas L. Stratman-BSMA 4c


1. Bench
Owned by tycoon Ben Chan, Bench is a well-known
Philippine clothing brand that sells clothes, bags,
accessories, fragrances, and other fashion items at an
affordable price. Started in 1987, it has evolved into
providing more items and more stores worldwide.
Internationally-famous endorsers of the brand include
Korean actor Lee Min Ho, Adam Levine, Taylor Lautner,
and Lucy Hale
2. Penshoppe
Established in Cebu in 1986, Penshoppe
is also one of the most famous Philippine
brands that sell casual wear brand and
on-trend apparel and accessories. After
its successful merchandise in the
Philippines, Penshoppe has also made
waves abroad as they now have
branches in the Middle East and
Southeast Asia. Famous endorsers
include Zac Efron, Cara Delavigne,
Kendall Jenner, and One Direction.
3. FrancisM Clothing Co.

Owned by the family of the late Filipino

rapper-musician Francis Magalona, FMCC or
FrancisM Clothing Co. aims to “Filipinize” the
whole world by offering apparel that speak
Pinoy. They sell reasonably-priced casual
wear, often printed with iconic Filipino Three
Stars and a Sun visuals and silhouettes of
Francis M. They have an online shop and
physical stores as well.
4. Rusty Lopez

Rusty Lopez is a known genuinely local brand

that sells footwear, bags, and clothing
accessories. They are mostly known for their
footwear brand that has a strong following
among locals and returning Filipinos from
abroad. They sell casual, formal, outdoor,
and corporate shoes which make it a favorite
go-to place for shoppers.
5. Folded & Hung (F&H)

For fashion-forward people, F&H is a

haven. F&H sells “sassy, sexy, casual,
and light” clothing wear that does not
compromise style and comfort. They
have clothes for men and women which
are all on-trend perfect for young adults
who want to be on style.
6. Jollibe

Did you know that it is only in the

Philippines where McDonald’s is not the
number one burger chain? Thus, it is not
surprising that Jollibee will be globally
known as more and more Filipinos will
penetrate the world so is

Jollibee tailing after them. This franchise

has already opened its stores in the U.S.,
Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.
7. Gingersnaps
Gingersnaps is the leading children and
maternity wear in the Philippines.
Established in 1994, Gingersnaps has
grown into a big brand that they are now
with over 50 stores nationwide. They also
have international branches found in
Thailand, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.
8. Cebu pacific
This airline is known as a low cost airline
due to its popularity of offering promo
and lite fairs. The airline is relatively new
as it was just founded two years after
people power and democracy was
restored in the country. It is a subsidiary
of JG Holdings and officially headed by
Lance Gokongwei. It flies to both
domestic and international locations. It
has international routes in major cities in
Asia like Jakarta, Tokyo, Bangkok, Dubai,
Taipei, Osaka, Macau, and Ho Chi Min
for example. Just recently, Cebu Pacific
has lodged its first 100 Millionth
passenger considering that it is just about
to enter into a third decade in the
business of flying.
9. Tanduay

Among sea-faring OFWs, there are

countless stories about their ship’s
captain requesting them to bring Tanduay
when they report back to work after
spending vacation in the
Philippines. That is how popular Tanduay
Rhum around the world. In recent years,
Tanduay is repositioning in the global
rhum market eyeing the huge U.S.
market. For more than a century now,
the brand and the product has reaped
more than 180 awards testifying the great
quality of Tanduay around the world.
10. Philippine Airlines

Asia's oldest airline and the Philippines

flag carrier is indeed globally known due
to its various international flights. In
North America, PAL flies to Toronto and
Vancouver in Canada, and Honolulu, Los
Angeles, and San Francisco in the United
States. In Asia, it flies to major cities like
Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Beijing,
Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Bahrain, Bangkok
and many others. In Europe, it has
service flight to London and other
European cities. As for in the land down
under, it flies to Darwin, Sydney,
Brisbane, and Melbourne,
Australia. Clearly, this airline has huge
international exposure.

1. Xiaomi
Finally, on our number one spot for the top mobile
phone brands in the Philippines is Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a
Chinese brand that has been in the electronics industry
since 2010. Although it may seem new to the Philippine
market, it has been producing smartphones since 2011
and is now known for their line of Mi phones. Their
latest model, the Mi4i is wowing crowds for its high
specifications without the heavy price tag. It has a
1080p full HD display; its rear camera is 13MP with a
high aperture of F/2.0 and has a 5-element lens making
sure you can take high quality photos every time.
Despite its amazing features, it still falls under the
PhP10,000 tag.
2. Bayo
Bayo is known for its classy and stylish
women’s wear for Filipinas. They offer a
variety of fashionable clothing wear which
are all classic-trendy and timeless
perfectly fit for those who love to be a
fashion trendsetter.
3. Maldita
For those who love alternative and
contemporary design, check out Maldita.
This brand offers comfortable clothing
wear for men and women. They also
have an online store which you can shop
also for an affordable price.
4. Team Manila
If you see a store with a logo of
Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal
wearing sunglasses, that’s Team Manila.
The brand is popular for its award-
winning graphic design and branding
depicting Filipino art pride. They sell
shirts, fashion accessories and even
lifestyle products such as pillows.
5. Kultura Filipino
Kultura is a shop for all things Filipino.
Here, they sell fashion statement pieces,
souvenirs, and delicacies which are all
proudly Pinoy-made. Their excellent local
artistry has made them known for being a
sought-after Filipino brand when it comes
to classic and elegant pieces.
6. Cherry Mobile
On our 9th spot is another local brand
which is Cherry Mobile. Cherry Mobile
started in 2008 but is now also among
the front-runners in the race for the best
cellphones in market. They are the ones
who pioneered the triple sim devices,
where you can use three sim cards in
one phone. Today, Cherry Mobile
continues to up its game with their latest
innovations including a finger sensor for
added security with their Jazz Flare J3
and the latest Windows 10 operating
system with their Alpha Prime 5.
7. CloudFone and

To start our list are two local brands that

are now making waves in the tech world
and these are CloudFone and MyPhone.
Cloudfone is a local brand company that
has been known to produce Android
phones with great feature s without the
hefty price tag. Some of their smart
phones that have the latest Android
operating systems (OS), High Definition
(HD) screen resolutions, and long-lasting
batteries still falls under the PhP10,000
price tag. Lately, Cloudfone has also
been known to partner with international
brands like Disney and NBA producing
limited edition designs and accessories.
8. Human

On our sixth spot is clothing brand

Human. Human is a popular brand
among Filipinos with their casual style
that can be worn in an everyday fashion.
What sets Human apart from other
brands is their edgier and more modern
collection, with a touch of alternative and
industrial designs. The youngsters in
particular fell in love with their graphic t-
shirts and casual denims that can be
worn almost every day.
9. Uba Laba

o start our list is Uba Laba. Uba Laba

started as a small t-shirt printing business
in Bacolod, but thanks to its owner, Andre
Familiaran, he used his wit and humor
and turned it into a profitable business
that Ilonggos can be proud of. He
innovate popular brands and “hashtags”
to quirky statements that even non-
Ilonggos will love. These statement shirts
not only make a great wear but can also
be a fun pasalubong especially for your
Ilonggo friends who miss home.
10. Kashieca

Down to our number seven is Kashieca, a

women’s clothing line that started in 1988
from the minds of sister’s Karen, Shiela, and
Camille Santos. The brand is known for their
classic designs with feminine twists of bold
colors, loud floral patterns, and a beautiful
mix and match of textures. The brand is used
to be known to cater solely to working
women with their classic cuts and formal
tops, but today, Kashieca continuously
innovates their collection attracting the
younger millennial fashion buffs.