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About Wèi lǎo shī

 Name: 魏 醒 Wèi Xǐng

 (Wèi lǎo shī)

 English name: Shirley

 Hometown city:
Héng Yáng,
Hú Nán province

 Graduated University:
Hunan University of
Science and Technology
About Wèi lǎo shī
 Feature: outgoing,aggressive,energetic,be
strict with work

 Hobby: reading and singing,play musical

instruments, do some volunteer work

 Email address: 853999320@qq.com

 xingw7591@gmail.com

 Cell phone: 09272488620

 Facebook : WeiXing0507
Graduation photo

Graduation certificate &

Certificate of degree
how about you?

Who want to introduce

yourself to everyone?
stand up, please.
Do you know China?


People? Food?

Dressing? City?

Culture? ……
Tea: It’s an art more than drink
Seven kinds of tea divided by colors
Golden Blue Yellow

Black White Green Red

Dressing: Classical mixed modern


Chinese tunic suit

oiled paper umbrella

yóuzhǐ sǎn
油 纸 伞
Chinese culture
Chinese knot

zhōngguó jié
中 国 结
Chinese paper cutting
Eight Cuisines of China

鲁 Shandong Cuisine
川 Sichuan Cuisine
粤 Guangdong Cuisine
苏 Jiangsu Cuisine
闽 Fujian Cuisine
浙 Zhejiang Cuisine
湘 Hunan cuisine
徽 Anhui Cuisine
Map of China
Course Description

 To allow the students to learn basic

conversation in Chinese. This will also expose
them to the social-cultural environment of the
Chinese. The course uses a lecturer-prepared
module (based from the Road To Success
Chinese with English translations) for an easier
way of learning. Each lesson in the module
contains new vocabulary words that are used in
sample conversations and role plays, each also
contains exercises. The medium of instruction to
be used is English.
Course Objectives
Meet the needs of daily communication situations in
Chinese to a normal proficiency.

2 Read sentences on chinese society and culture in a

variety of genre, state their own opinions and make

3 Understand the basic chinese expressions and

utilize them according to circumstance.
About Chinese language

Several thousand years long history,

ever changing, but never interrupted.

One of the six official languages of UN

ic and Spanish).

Written Japanese has several

thousand characters borrowed from
What is “Pin Yin”?
 The Romanized phonetic spelling system for

pīn yīn

拼 音
21 initials (consonants) 声母
Voiceless Voiced
Unaspirated Aspirated Nasal
fricative fricative

Labial b p m f
Alveolar d t n l
Velar g k h
Palatal j q x
sibilant z c s
Retroflex zh ch sh r
y w
38 finals 韵母
6 simple
finals: a o e i u ü

ai ao ei ia iao ie iou (iu) ou
finals: ua uai üe uei (ui) uo
8 front an en ian in uan üan
16 nasal
nasals: uen (un) ün
8 back ang eng iang ing
nasals: iong ong uang ueng
er -i[ ] -i[ ]
4 tones,and a light tone 声调

High Up Low Down light

mā má mǎ mà ma
Chinese characters 汉字

No later than 14 century B.C.

Oracle-bone inscriptions of the Shang
Dynasty (1600-1028 B.C.)
Inscription on tripod

Large seal script

(1100-256 BC)
Inscription on
stone stele,
Qin Dynasty
B.C ) small
seal script
The evolution of Chinese Characters.

Oracle Large Small Clerical Standard Running Grass Simplified

bone seal seal script script script script script
script script script (207 BC- (Since (Since (Since (Since
(1400- (1100- (221- 220 AD) 207 BC) 207 BC) 207 BC) 1949)
1200 BC) 256 BC) 207 BC)

Sun rì
Horse Mǎ

9 basic
How to learn Mandarin?
 First,you should listen more.
 Watch Chinese TV programmes,and try to understand
them.Even though you can't follow them all the times.
 Second,speak more.
 You can make some Chinese friends,and speak Chinese
to them.Don't be afraid to make mistakes.They will
help you correct them.
 Third,read more.
 You had better read some simple Chinese books.
 Finally,write more.
 Why not write your diary in Chinese?It's a great help
on your Chinese study.

 I hope that your Mandarin will be better soon.

Rules in Mandarin Class
 1. No late for the class

 2. Where you sit now,the seat will be fixed ,next

time when you come here having mandarin
class,you should still sit there ,do not change.

 3. If you have something to do that could not

have the mandarin class one day,you must let me
know ,and take the application for leave to me to
ask for leave ,the time must before the class
Rules in Mandarin Class
 4. This curriculum has score(credit).It will be
four exams, prelim/midterm/semi final/final .

 5. I would like everyone to prepare a notebook

for writing down the knowledge point that I will
give you.Maybe I’ll also give you some
homework ,you should finish it on the
notebook.Then I’ll check it.

 6. Speak Chinese as more as you can in the class

About the Assessment
20% Quizzes 20% Quizzes

20% Recitation and other 20% Recitation and other

requirements requirements

20% Preliminary 20% Semi-Examinations


40% Midterm Examinations 40% Final Examinations

Result-Midterm Grade Result-Final Grade

40% of the Midterm Grade + 60% of the Final Grade

Result---Final Course Grade


你 好 Hello
nǐ hǎo

谢 谢 Salamat
xiè xiè

再 见 Paalam
zài jiàn
 早上好 Magandang umaga
zǎo shàng hǎo

 中午好 Magandang hapon

zhōng wǔ hǎo

 晚上好 Magandang gabi

wǎn shàng hǎo

晚 安 Magandang gabi
wǎn ān
老师 lǎo shī/ 同学 tóng xué

你 nǐ/我 wǒ/ 他/她tā

你们 nǐ men/我们 wǒ men/他们 tā men

Some easy classroom Chinese

听 Listen 说 speak
tīng shuō

读 read 写 write
dú xiě
上课! Let's begin.
shàng kè!

同学们好!Good morning,class.
tóng xué men hǎo!

老师好!Good morning ,teacher.

lǎo shī hǎo!
下课!Class is over.
xià kè!

同学们再见!Boys and girls, goodbye.

tóng xué men zài jiàn!

谢谢老师,老师再见!Thank you, miss

Wei, goodbye.
xiè xiè lǎo shī, lǎo shī zài jiàn!
Chinese Name

Fisrt name + Last name

Do you want to have

a Chinese name that
belongs to you?

Write your
Date of birth,
E-mail address,
Phone number
on a paper and give me after this
谢 谢!
xiè xiè