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ATENEO DE MANILA (1872-1877)
• Four months after the martyrdom of GOMBURZA and
Doña Teodora still in prison. Jose was sent to Manila.
• He studied in Ateneo Municipal, a college under the
supervision of the Spanish Jesuits
• The Jesuits returned to Manila in 1859, they were given
the management of the Escuela Pia or what we know as
Ateneo de Manila
Rizal enters the
• June 10, 1872 – accompanied by Paciano
went to Manila
• His Father, change his mind and decided
to send him to Ateneo instead.
• He again return to Manila, again
accompanied by Paciano, Matriculated
at the Ateneo Municipal.
Rizal enters the Ateneo
• Father Magin Ferrando, who was the college registrar,
refused to admit him.
• Rizal was then eleven years old
• Manuel Xerez Burgos intercession
• Jose was the first of his family to adopt the surname Rizal
• He first boarded in a house outside Intramuros
Rizal’s First year in
• June, 1872 – Rizal first heard mass
• Fr. Jose Bech – Rizal’s first professor in
the Ateneo
• Rizal was placed at the bottom of the
• He progressed rapidly and at the end of
the month he became “emperor”.
• He took private lessons in Santa Isabel
Second year in Ateneo
• Rizal repented having neglected his studied
the previous year
• Rizal received excellent grades in all
subjects and a gold medal.
Third year in Ateneo
1874 - 1875
• June 1874
Rizal returned to the Ateneo
His mother is realese from prison
• He won only one gold medal in Latin
• He failed to win the medal in Spanish
• End of school year (March 1875)
Fourth year in Ateneo
• June 16, 1875 – he became an interno in Ateneo
• Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez
• He won five medals at the end of the school term.
• He returned to Calamba for his summer vacation (March
Last Year in Graduation With
Ateneo Highest Honor
• Rizal returned to • March 23, 1877 –
Manila in June 1876 Commencement Day
• He was “the pride of • Prayed at the college chapel:
the Jesuits”
“ to the virgin so that when I
• He obtained the
highest grades in all should step into that world,
which inspired me with so
much terror, she would
protect ,”
Mother’s opposition
to Higher Education
• Her Reason: if Rizal gets to
learn more, the Spaniards
will cut off his head.
• In contrary, Paciano and Don
Francisco wanted Rizal to
pursue College Education
Enrollment at
• Philosophy and Letters during
his Freshmen year. (1877-1878)
• Why Philosophy and Letters?
1. Don Francisco liked it.
2. Uncertainly on what course to
take up.
3. Failure to solicit the advice of
Father Ramon Paolo, Ateneo’s
Rector, who was then at Mindanao.
• UST was under the Dominicans, rival of the
Jesuits in education.
• He rememberd loyal to Ateneo, participated
in extracurricular activities and completed
a course in Surveying on the same school.
• Perito agrimensor
• November 25, 1881
Other Extra-
acivities in Ateneo
while studying at UST: curricular
• President of the Literary contests:
Academy of • Liceo Artistico Literario de Manila
Spanish • A La Juventud Filipina
Literature • El Consej de los Dioses
• Secretary of the Wrote one-act play
Academy of • Junto al Pasig
Natural Sciences Poems
• Secretary of the • Abd el-Aziz y Mohama
Marian • AI M.R.P. Pablo Ramon
Medical Studies at UST
• Shifting from PHL and Letters to Medicine.
• Why did Rizal Shift to Medical course?
1. Don Pablo Ramon, Ateneo Rector, advised him to
choose medicine
2. Rizal wanted to cure his mother’s growing
Student Activism at UST
Scholastic Records from 1878-
Prepared by: Violinda Agayo