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Hypnosis: A comparison of

hypnotherapy & stage hypnosis

By: Jonathan Shallon-Sloane and Simon Mohr
• What is hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis?
• Historical overview
• How do they affect one’s brain?
• How are they different?
• Pros and Cons of Hypnotherapy
What is hypnosis?
What are hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy Stage Hypnosis

• The use of hypnosis as a • The use of hypnosis as a
therapeutic technique. form of entertainment.
History of

• Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer

 Animal Magnetism in 1770
 “Mesmerism” in 1784
 Crosses line between
hypnotherapy and stage
• Sigmund Freud
History of
Stage Hypnosis

• James Braid
• Charles Lafontaine
• George W. Stone
• Braids book
Effect on Subject

• High susceptibility
• Misconception that one is unaware
 The exact opposite
Is stage hypnosis legit?
Proof that it works!
Hypnotherapy vs Stage Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Stage Hypnosis

• Therapeutic • Entertainment
Phobias, Motivation, Diseases, Make subject do things they
Addictions/Habits wouldn’t normally do
• Takes a long time • Takes a short time
• Isolated, no distraction • Comedy clubs, theaters, festivals
Pros and Cons of hypnotherapy

Pros Cons
• Drinking/Smoking • Subject may be exploited
• Memory loss Hypnotist robbers
• Tremor from Parkinson’s
• Desperate people pay lots of
• Childbirth money
• Depression
• Placebo
Pros and Cons of stage hypnosis

Pros Cons
• Can be very entertaining • Participant may be abused
• Hypnosis is real
• Hypnosis has Pros and Cons
• Hypnosis can help you
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