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The life BEFORE US.

Paleolithic Era
The Paleolithic Era is the
first Era out of three. The
Paleolithic, Mesolithic,
and Neolithic. The
Paleolithic era is the era
where we were “apes”. Our
First Source of tools was
stone. We used it to cut,
chop, and scrape food.
Paleolithic era Cont.
They Are also known as the Homo
Habilis group. Homo habilis means
“handy Man”. They were The firsT
people around. They roamed Africa
for 2.4 million years. But the dumb
thing is their brains are half the size
of ours.
Mesolithic era

The Mesolithic Era is the second era

in the triangle. They had new tools
but still used stone. They
introduced bone tools, bow and
arrows, canoes and pets.
Mesolithic era CONT….
They are also known as the Homo
erecTus. Their naMe Means “ uprighT
Man”. They MigraTed TO asia and eurOpe.
They used advanced tools like an ax.
They also learned to control fire.
Neolithic era
The Neolithic
era was known
for their
pottery and
learned to
They are the third era farm. They
in the triangle. still used
stone for
Neolithic era cOnT….
And last but not least, is the Homo
sapiens, Meaning “wise Man”. They
appeared in Africa and have been
around for 200,000 years. The most
important thing was they developed