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The afterlife in Islam -


Understand Muslim teachings about the afterlife.
Understand the importance of human responsibility for
their actions.
This is a Muslim
image of what hell
Could be like.
Describe what you
can see.
Explain what you
think the images tell
us about Muslim

Muslim beliefs about life

after death
Some Christians believe there is a
gate to Heaven and St Peter has a list
of those who are allowed through the
Muslims believe there are 8 gates or
doors into Heaven or Jannah. A
devout Muslim will strive to be
invited to Jannah through all of them.
Being punctual Defending Islam
and focused in
The Eight
Gates to
Having faith and Jannah Continually
trust in Allah. How Muslims remembering
enter Heaven. Allah.

pilgrimage to Keep control of anger and
Mecca. forgive

Giving frequently
to charity. Fasting especially
during Ramadam.
1. Prepare a sheet like this
(one in your book or take
an extra white A4 sheet).
2. Make notes in the different
corners about the different
topics. Textbook p.18/19
Life after death and The Day of Judgement Heaven (Jannah) is like …

* *

* *


Hell is like …

Life after death and The Day of Judgement Heaven (Jannah) is like …

* When ones dies you enter a state of waiting (barzakh) * State of eternal happiness in the
for Judgement Day – can’t go back or forward presence of God; also called paradise
* When waiting in grave 2 angels will question believers * Reward for faith and good deeds
about their faith – correct answers/faith lead to rewards,
incorrect to punishment QUOTE:
* At some point (only God knows) old world will be “On couches of well-woven cloth they will
destroyed, new world starts – trumpets will sound and sit facing each other; everlasting youths
people will resurrect from the dead will go round among them with glasses,
* People’s book of life will handed to them to be read out – flagons, and cups of a pure drink that
this decides about where they go (heaven or hell) causes no headache or intoxication; … ; a
* The day people will have to face up to their good and reward for what they used to do.” (Qur’an
bad deeds - if they are sorry for bad things God will 56)
forgive and they can enter heaven (souls cross the narrow
‘Sirat Bridge’ spanning fires of hell)

Hell (Jahannam) is like … Explain two Islamic beliefs

* State of total separation from God about life after death.
* Hell as a place of fire and torment; punishment for (5 Marks)
those who reject God and do evil

“They will dwell amid scorching wind and scalding water in
the shadow of black smoke, neither cool nor refreshing.”
(Qur’an 56)
“Garments of fire will be tailored for those who
disbelieve.” (Qur’an 22)
Can you remember what these mean?
1. Akhirah
2. Jannah
3. Jahannam
4. Barzakh
5. Sirat Bridge
What is Jannah?

When you enter Jannah

what four things will
never happen?