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Understanding the Purpose , Culture , Structure and Operating

Unit of Xavient
Information System Pvt Ltd.

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The purpose and goals of the organization

Xavient is a global IT consulting and software services company, where the focus is on
transforming business ideas into effective solutions. It’s a private sector organization the
company is led by a passionate team of experts who come with a history of
entrepreneurial and management success.


“Consistently deliver genius, comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective business solutions

through IT for the Global Market by creating a professionally stimulating and happy
environment for our team. We believe in enabling our professionals thrive alongside the
growth of our Organization”


“Skillfully applying the most sought-after, fast growing pertinent technology to yield
complete solutions in the most critical business areas. When performance speaks, we
would not want words to interrupt”
The company offers the various software solution services to telecom industries ,
which are Charter and Dish Network .The organization directly operates with other
business(B to B) located geographically.

The services includes various technological solutions such as UI/UX services,

Mobility services, Testing and Quality assurance and IT infrastructure services.

 Know your customer-

Charter communications- ‘”Charter Communications is America’s fastest growing

TV, internet and voice company. Charter delivers a wide range of TV, internet and
voice services to residential and business customers through the Spectrum brand ,
its located Russellville, AL, USA”

“Dish Network- Dish Network (often stylized as DISH Network) is an

American direct-broadcast satellite service provider. The company provides satellite
television, audio programming, and interactive television services to commercial
and residential customers in the United States.”
There are various external factors which affects the organization. SWOT and
PESTLE are the two tools which help to understand the various external factors.

Let us take PESTLE tool for the analysis of external factors which are Economic, Social ,
Legal , Environmental , Technological , Political which has impacted the organization.

Political Factors- affecting the business, as it effects in decision making, and revenue

Economic Factor- it has significant impact on business. For e.g. economic stability of
the developed countries. The company generated the huge revenue and stable
performance in these market.
Social factor- The increasing cultural diversity and differences is a social factor which
Impacts the business. Increasing cultural diversity is threat again to the organization in
Terms of customer expectation and satisfaction which eventually going to decrease.

Technological factor- Increasing automation and recent niche technology in the market
Is sometimes threat to software companies.

Environmental- The organization faces environmental issues which is a external factor

Impacting the business. For e.g. increasing use of recycle material which the company
has to Implement, which thereby increases cost , time.

Legal – The Legal factors also play an important role in company’s policies and decision
Making. The company has to undergo all sorts of legal formalities in order be in market.
The organization structure of Xavient information system is Hierarchal/ Functional/
Centralized By taking respective dept. it can be explained.
1- HR Department
2-Finance Department
3- PMO Department
4- Admin Department
Lets have a look of organization structure keeping showing HR department.


PMO HR Department Admin Finance

PMO Admin Finance

HR Vice President
Director Director VP

HR Director

HR Operations/HR Recruitment/
L&D Operation/ HR Manager recruitment
HR Executives
Strength of the structure are-

This type of structure is organized , promotes standardization , creates

economy of scale
Reduces duplication.
The positive point of having the functional structure is specialization- people
are specializes in what they do and skills et.
Second is productivity With different operation department the productivity is
pretty high.

Weakness with this type of structure are-

Firstly- management issues- Due to lack of communication or rigid
communication , there Arises management issues, and therefore the decision
making is slow or inflexible.
Secondly- Coordination – The level of coordination among different functions
becomes Inflexible , causing delays in meeting deadlines.
In order to sell services in IT organization , the functional department work together to
Achieve the goal. The prime four functions are-

1- Operation
2- Finance
3- Human Resource
4- Marketing


Human Resource Marketing

The Human resource function is concerned with following-

- Grievances procedure and disciplinary action.

- Employ relation and negotiation.
 Health and Safety Matters
 Performance Appraisal
 Recruitment and Selection
Training and Development.
Organization culture “consist of shared values of beliefs, norms that affect every aspe
of the Organization ‘s policies, decision making etc. It is something which defines
organization behavior.”

According to Charles Handy there are four types of culture.

Power Role
Task Person

In Xavient the culture follows is Role culture :-

Where culture is based on rules.

People know Their roles and skill set and perform their work within their role.
Their power comes with The role they are performing.
The negative point of this culture, it delays the decision making, and risk taking.
Therefore its more like steady state environment.
The Culture in Xavient prevails emphasizes on external environment rather than interna
The main motive is to achieve the efficiency and profit.
There is a Competition Among individuals which keep them motivated but which
eventually created rigidity among their relationships.

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