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A special programme endorsed

M e Yoga Francise Sdn. Bd was founded by Master Mani
Sekaran as one of te arm to expand yoga movement in
M t aims to spearead te setting up of standard quality yoga
centers as brances, affiliates and partners nationally and

Streamlines te training of yoga instructors to upold
quality/effectiveness of yoga teacing


Yoga Home for underprivileged cildren & providing
free yoga classes to te underprivileged

A olistic programme for armonious development of
cildren from ages 3 to 17 years old

c    !

rains existing yoga instructors and practitioners te
application of yogic tecniques as treatment and
Future Plans:

o propel Yoga into te realms of a professionally recognized educational


o set up mental and pysical ealtoriented umanitarian

organizations wic are nonsectarian, and purely in pursuit
of creating awareness and understanding of  

 " for individuals in society
teacing, practice and various related caritable activities.

M Foster, develop and promote wellness of te general
public as well as underprivileged
M Actively engage in, contribute to and conduct yoga
related activities in te society
M etwork wit individuals nationally and internationally
M onduct Yoga amps
M ncourage and undertake researc and development
M Plan, design, build and run a Yoga Home for
M Streamlines te teacing of Yoga to instructors and
practitioners for great Self Development & volution

M ur Yoga ourses and Programmes
| ertification courses for instructors:
0 nternational Yoga nstructor ourse
0 Super Yoga Kids nstructor ourse
0 Yoga erapist ourse
0 Pranayama (Breating ) nstructor ourse
0 Dyana (Meditation) nstructor ourse
0 Pilates nstructor ourse
0 PrePost atal nstructor ourse

M ur Yoga ourses and Programmes
| netone Yoga oacing & Yoga erapy
| SMA ± Stress Management roug Yoga
| Ayurvedic Bodyworks
| atural Slimming and Rejuvenation Yoga Programme
| Satkarma ± Yogic leansing Worksop
| nergization Programmes ± Manipuraka & UniYoga Healing
Worksop, Urdva Retas Yoga (Anti Aging & Reproductive

M ur Yoga ourses and Programmes
| Regular lasses
0 Self Mastery ourse (SM)
0 Yoga Sadana ourse (YS & YS eens)
0 Hata Yoga lass
0 Kid¶s Yoga lass
0 Pregnancy Yoga
u% &
M Dedicated Yoga nstructors wo are yoga practitioners
pursuing continuous growt
M Professional Yoga eacing to various groups wit
different needs

u  (
M e integration of exercises connecting body, eart
and mind leads to improving your metabolism,
troug maximizing oxygen intake, increasing
stamina and endurance, and improving muscle tone.
M A olistic practice tat combines pysical postures,
breating, deep relaxation, mental clarity practice,
lifestyle management and pilosopies to live a
positive life.
M Restores internal balance to be in armony wit self,
oters and surroundings.

M Muscle tone, flexibility, strengt, stamina
M Breating & lung capacity
M Alleviates neck & back pain
M Reduces carpal tunnel syndrome, artritis
M Decreases tension eadaces & migraines
M Restful sleep (body & mind)
M ncreases concentration, energy and emotional well



M Yoga is only for granola types
M Yoga is about meditation and religion
M Yoga is primarily for women
M Yoga is slow moving
M Yoga is only about breating
)  * u!

M ob stress is a cronic disease caused by conditions in
te workplace tat negatively affect an individual's
performance and/or overall wellbeing of is body and
M Unmanaged workplace stressors relate to ig staff
turnover, an increase in unplanned absence,
workplace conflict, reduced work performance,
customer complaints, staff replacement cost and costly
workers¶ compensation claims.´
Source: Preventing and Managing Psycological njuries in te Workplace, omcere Pub 8 (an 04)

M Unealty employees loose 2 ours per day of lost

Source: Burdorf. A.  lin
ð   " 
M nsomnia
M Loss of mental concentration,
M Anxiety, stress
M Absenteeism
M Depression,
M Substance abuse,
M xtreme anger and frustration,
M Family conflict
M Pysical illnesses suc as eart disease, migraine,
eadaces, stomac problems, and back problems.
u   c(
M Add in information
  c  (
M Alert & focused mind to improved te quality &
performance of work
M Deep relaxation for better ealt
M Breating processes
M Heal pack pain
M Yoga postures & postural awareness can elp to release
M Wen feeling pysically better, energy increases and
mind also become clearer.
M ncrease energy = improved work efficiency
M Mental clarity tecniques awaken creative tinking to
solve problems
 "  " c" 
M mproved job performance
M Reduction of absenteeism, medical & disability claims
M mproves creative tinking and communication skills
M ultivate teamwork
verall better productivity/work performance and greater efficiency
Reduction in absenteeism, medical & disability claims and less productive time
lost as a result of improved employee ealt & fitness
Better memory, increased focus and concentration
larity of tougt promotes better and quicker decisionmaking and enances
creative tinking
almer dispositions greatly improve interpersonal relationsips and
communication skills, and cultivate teamwork
Positive tinking patterns improve motivation and staff morale, promoting job


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* )  
ð   - 
ur lients:

M erebos
M Maybank
M Petra Perdana
M xxonMobil
M Himalaya
M Malaysia Airlines
M Reliance ravels
M Petronas
M obstreet
M Kone levators
M isco Systems
M Rein Hausen Asia Pacific Sdn Bd
M nergy Day Spa
illa Manja Spa
M osiba
M alaxy K Box
   ð  "" 

M nternational Finance orporation

M nternal Revenue Service
M U.S. Department of ustice
M nterAmerican Development Bank
M ational Academy of Sciences
M Discovery (annel) ommunications
M Wasington Post
M America's Healt nsurance Plans
M Library of ongress
M Deutsce Bank, oogle and Huges Aircraft²offer mental clarity
classes to teir workers.
M effrey Abramson,  of ower o., a Wasingtonbased
development firm, says 75% of is staff attend free classes in mental
   ð  "" 
M 's producer Pil Rosenbaum practiced ffice Yoga daily for four
M World Bank Head Quarters ave been offering Mental clarity lasses
employees to reduce stress, increase focus & become more productive
M Mental clarity devotee Bill eorge, te former Medtronic (arts,
Fortune 500)  ad industry mogul Renetta Mcann
M Silicon
alley, Marc Benioff, te  of Salesforce.com (arts) &
Larry Brilliant, ead of oogle's pilantropic efforts
M Bob Sapiro, te former  of Monsanto (arts, Fortune 500)
mental clarity as improved is ability to listen and to tink creatively´
(Fortune, uly 20 2007 )
M ne recent study found tat daily practice of mental clarity tickened
te parts of te brain's cerebral cortex responsible for decision
making, attention and memory

M n a psycomotor vigilance test tat measures reactionary response,

tose wo ad been taugt mental clarity performed 10% better tan
tose wo just snoozed ±
!  "#$ 

%! &

M ousands of researc studies ave sown tat in te practice of

yoga a person can learn to control suc pysiologic parameters as
blood pressure, eart rate, respiratory function, metabolic rate, skin
resistance, brain waves and body temperature, among oter body
functions.  Dr. Robert Rose, executive director MacArtur
Foundation's nitiative on mind, brain, body and ealt researc
M 8 Days raining Modules
ac day 90 minutes (1.5 ours session)

u  6.7    (

M 20 mins
 Lecture & discussion (Awareness Level)
M 50 mins
 Practicing Yoga
M 10 mins
 oncentration practice for Mind & creativity development
M 10 mins
 xcange of experiences and ints for furter progress
c  !