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Project Details

Project Work
• Choice between NMIMS & Svenska by groups

• Expectations of work to be done will be communicated through


• Next class when we meet , each group should have a plan of work
tied up
• Important appointments have to be taken / Commitments have to be made
Project Brief – NMIMS Bangalore as a Brand
Mission : To be an institution of excellence for learning & collaborative research in
management and other disciplines with a deep commitment to people.

Vision : To establish a multidisciplinary campus for Business Management,

Commerce, Economics, Law, Engineering, Liberal Arts and inculcate the ‘learner
centric’ approach in education. To establish Centres of Excellence in Business
Analytics, Technology Management, Infrastructure Management and engage in
collaborative research.

What can we understand about NMIMS DNA ?

• From the website

• From our own experience
• From the faculty / dean /placement officer
• From the roots of NMIMS – Mumbai/ SVPKM Trust

• What questions will we ask ?

What is NMIMS ‘Competitive set of Reference’

• Is it competing with IIMs / Global Univ’s ?

• Is it competing with the rung below ?

• What are these institutions ? – SP Jain, Manipal, IMT , What else ?
• Are there some groups within them ? – Local, Mumbai origin, etc.

• What is their communication to students , corporates , to the world ?

What are NMIMS ‘POPs’ and PODs’

• If we were to write our points of parity – what are they ?

• If we were to write our points of difference – what are they ?
What are NMIMS Image & Personality

• Using the concepts we have learned – and the information we can get
from websites, blogs, interviews
• Write the Image & Personality of NMIMS
• Write the Brand Value proposition
• Create the Brand Identity Prism & the Brand Essence
• Re-create the Brand’s Bull eye for the Starbucks example
Consumer target: Consumer Takeaway
Discerning coffee Starbucks gives me the Brand Mantra: Rich
drinker richest possible sensory rewarding coffee
Consumer Insight experience drinking coffee
Coffee and the
drinking expr. Is POP : Responsible locally involved, Fairly
often unsatisfying Priced
POD : Relaxing rewarding moments, Rich
sensory cons experience, Convenient
friendly service, Fresh high quality coffee,
Varied Exotic drinks

Substantiators (RTB) : 24 hour training of

Consumer need baristas, totally integrated system, Triple
state: filtered water, Stock options/ health
Desire for better benefits for baristas
coffee and a better
cons. Expr.
Values/Personality /Character : Caring,
Competitive Contemporary, Thoughtful
Product set : Local Executional properties/Visual Identity :
cafes, fast-food & Green& Earth colors, Siren logo
convenience shops
Brand Identity Prism

Clues for Strong Brand Identity Prisms
• Different facets of brand’s singularity and attractiveness – expressed in
concise , sharp and interesting way.
• Must help decision making, creative stimulation, explain the brand.
• Good Identity
• Has few words to each facet
• Words are not same on different facets
• Words are not lukewarm, they have strength
• Watch-outs
• Facets are not image attributes ; not derived from last usage& attitude study;
identity NOT EQUAL to image
• Reduce redundancy between facets
• Words should not be looking for consensus … should be looking for sharpness
From casual to Self-confident Shirt 12X12 Well – balanced
formal always Soft airy Authentic
comfortable Crocodile Serene

WASP Aristocratic ideals

Social Ralph Lauren = Valorisation Lacoste = Sophistication &
Success Boston elitism Chic
distinctiveness American Accessible simplicity
Exclusive Luxury Sport & classicism

They are comfortable They are cnon-

young men of good I belong to my conspicuous men & I am discreetly
social standing , nice, time women having real elegant
rich : ideal son-in-law I am fashionable class I am always correct
I am elite although casual
Brand Essence = what is it ?
• A summary of the identity & positioning
• The key value .. The brand stands for / proposes
• What is value ? – A benefit , higher order ideals

• Is Volvo essence ‘Security’ or ‘Social responsibility’

• Is Mars essence ‘ Bite an smootheness with caramel & chocolate’ or
‘Vitality and energy’
• Is Benetton ‘the brand for young people who want to be ‘in’ ‘ or
‘Tolerance and Brotherfood’
Lets figure out for Nivea
Values of Brand
A view of life founded on human co-existence Looking at prototype
Strong moral values like generosity, responsibility, harmony, Nivea cream & blue box – means of entry in each market
honesty and love First act of love & protection that a mother performs on
Competance – safety, nature, softness and innovation her baby
Sells itself as timeless, simple and accessible at a fair price Typical scent, feel, softness of white cream which is
imprinted in our childhood

Blue colour
Fav. Color for more than half of world popn of western
Color of dreams, clam, faithful, pure love, sky, night
Virgin Mary always in Blue
UN peacekeepers, Jeans – simple universal appeal

White colour
Color of purity, health, peace and simplicity
Cream – adds water to skin
Lets figure out for Nivea


Pure Love and Care

Project Brief – Svenska Boutique hotel
Promoter : Zia Sheikh ‘s view
In my view, we face the following key challenges, one or more of which could
be explored by your students:
• Successfully scaling up the business model in highly competitive market
• Overcoming the price-driven corporate procurement approach versus
delivering memorable experiences to guests
• Achieving growth objectives without compromising brand positioning and
service promise to guests
• Tackling better funded, more established and better known brands in the
Indian hospitality marketplace
• Establishing the “larger purpose” for the Svenska brand and how it serves
“larger objectives” of its target market
Enquiry plan
• Materials shared
• Own assessment of competition and Svenska
• Websites , Blogs
• Potential customers : 10 people each group ;fathers/brothers /uncles/cousins

• Interview and Experience of Hotel : Planned 1 day each group

nominates 1 person and the 5-6 people visit Bangalore property and
• Questionnaire Queries to Zia Sheikh – maybe later in the day.
• Will be to create / expand Svenska Brand Idea
• Same steps as NMIMS
• Competitive set of reference, POPs, PODs
• Brand Value proposition
• Brand Identity Prism
• Brand Image and Brand Personality
• Brand Essence
Task before next class- Group work for presn.
• Write down Category frame of reference ( single or multiple) for
NMIMS & Svenska
• Brand POPs, PODs and Brand Value Proposition
• Brand Identity – Kapferer
• Brand Bulls Eye ( Star Bucks example )
• Brand Essence

• Tasks for enquiry – what will you do in novemeber till end of project
in december
I. NMIMS As a Brand : What is it now and what
should it be ?

• Where does it pitch itself in MBA ? Which

student profile ?
• Competitive analysis of institutes in the
competitive set
Project Topics • What does MBA education mean to students ?
• How can we diffrentiate ?
• Build Purpose in our Brand
• How will it then translate ? – Website ,
Placement & Company commn,, Internal
commn, Student selection criteria, Course
structure ( electives, optionals).
II. Svenska as a Brand : Business hotel in a segment
called Design hotels.

• History and plans will be shared. Challenges, current

will be highlighted
• Competitive analysis of hotels in the set – websites,
Project Topics secondary , etc
• Interviews with founder / key manager in Bangalore
• Possible visit to the hotel to experience
• Customer interviews ?
• What should be the Brand Idea ? What could they be
doing to differently from now and why ? Translation
of the Idea into elements of marketing.
SECTION B(2): Groups

group 1 svenska Group2 svenska Group3 nmims

group4nmims Group5 nmims
Devanshu Pandey Dhruv Desai Laksh Narang

Soumyajit Mohapatra Malika Mehta

Sabal Vashishth Adheesh Mohan Ayush Kumar Gupta
Aparajita Baruah Akanksha Chawla
Tanvi Mudhale Abhishek Singh Amit Tiwari
Paroksha Kumar Neeraj Tiwari Ankur Aggarwal
Arvind Natarajan Dipesh Gupta Sahu
Pranoti Puro Nishigandha Sarolkar
Akshat Shetty Aakriti Malhotra Ashwarya Singhal
Minal Choudhary Suhani Dasot
Swetna Nigam Aakash Udhani Vedansh .
Kumar Gaurav Pradeep Kumar Vadduru
Deepika G Prerna Singh Chanda Lakhmani
Sayali Dokey Ashish Aggarwal
Pratik Agarwal Parihar Isha Nagaich Devyani Mehta Vibhuti Bakshi
SECTION A(1): Groups
Grp1 nmims Grp2 svenska grp3nmims Grp4 svenska Grp5 svenska
B B Mishra Rahul Tuli Pranav Pandey
Diksha Dua Abhishek Hansraj
Ankur Kumar Dhruv Kakkar Kirti Nopany

Adityavardhan Siddharth Mahajan Adyasha Jena

Bhawana Gupta Rathore Jwalant Lohiya
Nishant Ranjan Ranjeet Mukherjee
Shivani Gokani Sonakshi Vij Ayush Kalra
Smit Jeswani Amey Kargaonkar
S Anirudh . Chhavi Bhardwaj Nandini Kalra
Shubhanshi Pandey Akash Agarwal

Rahul Vijaykumar Saif Ahmed Pooja Priyadarshini Abhimanyu Bhagi Khushboo Makhija

Nidhi Periwal Pallavi Sharma

Shubham Mittal Deepanshu Gupta Aabha Khosla
Satakshi Shree Abhay Prabhu Apoorva Singh Rahul Kumar