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Remya Chandran
II semester MEd
Types of Evaluation

Peer Self
Evaluation Evaluation
Process Evaluation
1. It determines whether programme
activities have implemented as
intended and resulted in certain
outputs .
2. It helps to know whether we have
achieve the quantifiable targets and
strategies as planned .
3. It helps to know whether a
programme should be continued ,
expanded upon , refined or
Reasons for conducting
process evaluation
 Helps to understand the details of exactly
what is happening within aprogramme
 To help interpert outcome evaluation
 To identify the best practice for sharing
with other programme
Process evaluation

It provides in –depth language ,

context and relationship between
It is often richness with the
qualitative methods
Both quantitative and qualitative
research methods are used in this
Strategies to use to collect
process level information
Focus groups
In depth interviews
Case studies
Self evaluation
A self evaluation is our thoughtful and
considered written review of our
performance during the evaluation cycle.
It involves rating established goals,
competencies and overall performance
Process to complete self
 Time: allow about an hour to complete the
self evaluation.
Quite :conduct the evaluation a quite place
without any interruption.
Relax: try to relax and reflect upon
individual goals, experiences and incidents.
Highlight the highlights: self evaluation is the
place to boast with grace and diplomacy and
naturally , without putting any of our colleagues
Don’t be stuffy: one of the benefits of a self
evaluation is to tendency to lead to constructive
dialogue between you and your supervisor .
Write in a conversational style ,one that is as
natural as the verbal back and forth
Don’t forget achievements made early
on in the evaluation period: Our
supervisors cannot possibly
remembers all our projects and
participation throughtout the year .
So you have to go back over to
our mails to remember our earlier
Solicitfeed back from co- workers:
as about your performance . Be
careful of course to avoid
platitudes , overly critical
comments and any other
remarks that could take away
rather than enchance yourself
Be objective: be ojective when you are
evaluating yourself.
Use appropriate language: choose words
that demostrate some objectivity and
distance .
Suggest specific improvements: The self
evaluation is a good opportunity to
identify specific ways to improve your
performance.It is a mark of strength and
professional maturity for employees to
identify ways to grow and improve.
How to assist self evaluation

 Improve the educational experirnces

provide for your students
 Identify the professional education need to
further develop capacity to teach well
 Prepare our performance review with your
 Assess readiness to apply for promotion .