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A Study On Viewership Analysis and

Channel Perception For Asianet News

O Asianet is an exclusive Malayalam
channel which started its operation 17
years before.
O Asianet was the first Malayalam
Satellite which started its operation in
O Asianet News is the second channel
from Asianet Communications Ltd
which is purely a news based channel.
O The study looks into the viewership
analysis and to have a study of
channel perception comparatively
with special reference to Asianet
O Television in India has been in existence for
three decades.
O Satellite TV came to India 10 Years ago when
STAR TV launched in 1991 with four channels.
O In the years followed, the Indian cable & satellite
environment became more crowded with many
players in the market.
O All the players attempted to offer enjoyable and
unparalleled entertainment.
O Asianet is the largest Malayalam
satellite television channel.

O The signals of Asianet covers the

entire Indian Sub-continental,
Srilanka, China, south east Asia,
the entire Persian Gulf, The UK,
Europe USA and the lower half of
the former soviet union.
O This is virtually the half of the Globe, reaching
the sixty-odd countries.

O Asianet began its operation by telecasting for

two hours daily in 1993,which was increased to
round the clock.
Primary Objective

O A Study on Viewership analysis

and Channel perception with
special reference to Asianet
Secondary Objective

O To Analyze the Competitive

Advantage of Asianet News
O To Understand the Viewers
O To Analyze the Variety in
Programs in Asianet News
O To Analyze the Viewer
Expectations from a News
O This Study analyses the possibility of Asianet to
analyze the need and wants of the viewers and
to find viewers expectation from Asianet News.

O This study will also help to make a comparative

analysis of Asianet news with different
O Primary Data: The main source of
primary data is through researcher͛s
interviews with the concerned persons in
the organization and also through a
Structured Questionnaire.

O Secondary method: The main source of

secondary data was from the company
website and the documents in the
O he entire news viewers from Kerala.
O The sample frame is being selected from 3
districts from Kerala, i.e. Trivandrum,
Ernakulum, and Calicut. The sample frames
O College
O Business People
O Employees
O Retired or aged people
O Sample size selected is 50 each from each
sample frame.
O o study the relationship between viewership
and perception of Asianet news channel
O uo: There is no relationship between
viewership and perception
O u1: There is relationship between viewership
and perception