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Make it easy
Keep promises
Be inspiring
• Company ownership
Be respectful • Company location
• Financing: Dhaka Bank
Steps by manager before hiring:
• Human resource planning

• Manpower needs & acquisitions

• Job description

• Recruitment sources (internal & external)

• Initial screening
• Completed application form
• Employment test
• Comprehensive interview
• Background investigation
• Conditional job offer
• Medical examination
• Permanent job offer
Orientation Training
• Selection through • 3 months for probation
• Indirect testing and
• A short process of
introducing the person to monitoring
the company
• Arranged training
• Varies from person to
o First three months acts as the
probationary & training period for the
fresh recruits
o Various training programs are also
o Training in job related subjects is given
to employees.

o Oral warning
o Written warning
o Suspension, demotion or dismissal
 The classification is linked to a salary grade minimum & maximum
 Bonuses are based on performance appraisal.
 When performance is “Very Good” or above the employee will get one increment
for the year.
 If rating is below “Very Good”, the employee will not get any increment.
 In this manner employee can go up to 4 steps in Basic Salary.
 Allowances linked to basic salary will proportionately increase.
 Allowances not calculated as a percentage are paid at the grade maximum.
 Specialists are eligible to bargain for a pay raise.
Board of audit
Board of directors

Chief executive
Internal audit


Deputy CEO Company secretary

Chief Chief Chief Chief

Chief financial Chief people
commercial communicat technology corporate
officer officer
officer ion officer officer affairs officer
Governance Principles
Trust and transparency
Applying values to create value
Rules and regulations
Compliance with rules and regulations
Whistle blowing
Socially responsible business conduct
• Equal access to all available job resources
•Provide similar benefits and services to everyone
•Apply all policies and practices consistently
•Do not differentiate among employees on the basis of
race, color, ethnicity, gender, nationality, disability,
religion and so on.

•Diversity in workplace:
Recognition of individual’s contribution
Maximization of the potential of employees
Increased productivity and staff retention
Enhance organization’s ability to cope with changes
•Non- discrimination policy
•Pregnancy policy
•Disability policy
•Sexual Harassment policy

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