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Noun Cluster

"Noun" is
the sentence element representing
people, animals, things, abstract
notions, and groups of each. In a
sentence, nouns execute and suffer the
actions/states expressed by the verbs,
and they may...

Nouns are principal sentence elements.

The meaning starts with the noun, therefore it
makes sense to present the noun first, then
the sentence elements in the "noun
cluster", then the verb, the adverb, and the
remaining independent sentence elements.
That represents "a logic structure".

Since the verb is the most difficult sentence

element, it requires all knowledge about
grammatical categories of "person",
"case", "number", and "gender"--which are
best defined for nouns and pronouns.

We do not change the meaning to

accommodate grammatical form;

we use the appropriate

grammatical form which explains
the meaning best.
A. Noun Cluster
1. Modifier (number, determiner) +
ex: many problems, five programs
2. Modifier (article, adjective, noun) +
ex: word processing, these desktops,
fuzzy logic
Indonesia: A B C D (headword: A)
English: D C B A (headword: A)
B. Preposition Group (P-Group)
 is used as modifier for the headword that
preceding it.
 NC + P-Group (prep+ noun cluster)

1. The construction of the building
2. The relationship of symbols and
Recognizing NC
 Noun clusters usually begin with "a," "an,"
or "the" followed by a noun and its
cluster of modifying words.
 They appear, usually, just before or just
after a noun, which they are renaming.
 They are closely related to relative clauses,
but they do not have relative pronouns
like "who" or "which" at the beginning,
and they do not have verbs.
Find noun cluster,, underline the
1. Mathematics is an important subject for
an engineer
2. Everything about computer is based
upon the binary process
3. A scanner converts text or picture into
electronic codes
4. The results of the experiments prove the
5. Printing is the final stage in creating a
Translate this phrases

serious eye injuries luka mata yang
1.Printed circuit boards

2.Foot pump

3.Highly conductive material

4.Emergency exit door

5.Hard engine component

Example 1

2 peralatan
4 baru
Firstly, translate the word SOME, because it is a quantifier,
and a quantifier is located in front of the headword. Then
translate the word EQUUIPMENTS (headword). The next
word in front of the headword is SAFETY, it is a Noun. So,
we notice that the EQUIPMENTS is a safety equipment. In
front of SAFETY is NEW (adjective), which explain that the
safety equipment is new. When we translate the phrase is
Beberapa peralatan keselamatan yang baru
Translate this Phrase
1. The original labeled container
2. A new release of Safety Precaution
3. A high standard job requirement
4. An emergency exit for disabilities visitor
5. A simple installation of safety products
6. Traditional low-pressure sprinkler
7. The potential impacts from
environmental risks
Fire Suppression
In suppressing a fire, traditional low-pressure
sprinkler and deluge systems often cause
significant water damage that can be greater than
the damage caused by the fire itself. Such systems
can also be difficult to install, especially in older
projects. Traditional gas-based systems are
unsuitable for many high-risk areas because of the
difficulty involved in guaranteeing enclosure
integrity, high recharge costs and personnel and
environmental safety issues. Traditional foam-
based systems cause collateral damage and
present the problem of toxic run-off to sewage
The maritime industry is constantly evolving and striving
for increased innovation. The past few years have been
exceptionally interesting. Major trends like globalisation
and containerisation have reshaped the industry and
continue to present us with challenging changes even
today. This dynamic environment creates a very
interesting work setting, pushing the abilities of the
employees to the limit and setting a high standard for
future co-workers. When looking towards the future of
maritime shipping, a few emerging trends can be
observed. New ways of doing business, earning money
and distinguishing yourself from the competition are
created on a daily basis.

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