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My Family

By: Kimberly Perez

PowerPoint Exercise
My Parents
• My mom and dad were both born in Querétaro,

• My mom was brought to the U.S. when she was 13

years old.

• My dad came to the U.S. when he was 20.

• They finally decided to get married in 2009 after

almost 16 years of being together.

• They have 4 kids including myself.

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My Siblings
• I have 2 older brothers and one younger sister by
one year.

• The oldest of my brothers is about to turn 25 in


• The second oldest is going to turn 22 in May as well.

• I also have a half sister who is 30 years old.

• My sister is one year younger than me and is

turning 18 in April.
About my Family
• Me and all my siblings were born in Arizona and
grew up in Avondale.

• We all attended the same school together except

high school.

• As a family we always went and visited Flagstaff

up until I was in middle school.

• We all love music; at home you can hear a guitar

play on top of music playing from another room.

• Our house is never quiet, except when we sleep

My Pets
• We have three dogs at home who we
consider to be a big part of our family.

• We have a chihuahua, a chow chow,

and another dog that we think is a
chihuahua mixed with some other
My Pets (cont’d)
• We got our dogs from our other family and friends
of my parents.

• The first dog we got, Brownie, was our chow chow.

We got him from our uncle when his dog had
babies. We named him Brownie because his fur is
the same color as a brownie.

• The second dog, Jack, we got is our brown

chihuahua. We got the chihuahua from my older
sister after her dog also had babies. Jack was
named after the main character from Tim
Burton’s movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

• Our third and final dog we got from a family

friend who wanted to find a home for a dog they
had found. We decided to take the puppy home
and give it a home. We named him Comet,
because he is my sisters dog and she has had a
theme going on for her dogs. Her first dog she had
was named Luna (which means moon in English).
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