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In order to facilitate the adjustment of

fares, IATA has divided the world into

three main ‘Areas’ . These Areas are
called Area 1, Area 2 and Area 3 . They
are regularly used in the interpretation
of tariff rules and in the calculation of
international air fares.
Under each Area there are smaller ‘sub-areas’ or ‘regions’ which, in
the IATA context, may have a different meaning from that generally
implied by the geographical term.

For example, IATA Europe in Area 2 comprises not only geographical

Europe but also the following countries and islands
 Three North African countries, i.e. Morocco, Algeria
and Tunisia
 The Azores, Madeira and canary Islands

 The part of turkey situated on the Asian continent

In general, Area 1is composed of the whole of
the Western Hemisphere. However, Area 1
composition may vary depending on the rule
being interpreted.

For example, when interpreting the rule on

carrier fare selection the following subareas
make up TC 1 :
Canada (CA) USA (US) MEXICO (MX) St Pierre & Miquelon(pm)
Belize (BZ) El Salvador (SV) Honduras (HN)
Costa Rica (CR) Guatemala (GT) Nicaragua (NI)
Anguilla (AI) Dominican Republic (DO) Nevis & St.Kitts (KN)
Antigua & Barbuda Grenada (GD) St. Lucia (LC)
Aruba (AW) Mustique & palm islands St. Vincent

For travel wholly within the South American area, the following
countries shall also be considered as part of South America:
Argentina (AR) Ecuador (EC) Peru (PE)
Bolivia (BO) French Guina(GF) Suriname(SR)
Brazil (BR) Guyana (GY) Uruguay (UY)
Area 2 is also subdivided into three sub-areas. The countries
for each sub-area are listed below
1. Europe (EU) Gibraltar (GI) Portugal (PT)

Algeria (DZ) Greece (GR) including Azores

Andorra (AD) Hungary (HU) madeira

Armenia (AM) Ireland Romania

Austria (AT) Ireland Russian Federation

Azerbaijan (AZ) Italy (IT) west of the urals

Subareas within Europe:
 European Community (EC) Member
states (17) – see countries in italics
 Continental Europe – all above –
 Economic & Monetary Union (EMU)
countries – the euro countries :
Austria , belgium ,france
 Scandinavia – Denmark (excluding
 2.1 Central Africa
Malawi (MW) Zambia (ZM) Zimbawe(zw)
 2.2 Eastern Africa
Burundi (BI) Kenya(KE) Tanzania (TZ)
Djibouti (DJ) Rwanda (RW) Uganda (UG)
Ethiopia (ET) Somalia (SO)
 2.3 Southern Africa
Botswana (BW) Mozambique (MZ) Reunion (RE)
Lesotho (LS) South Africa (ZA) Namibia (NA)
Swaziland (SZ)
 2.4 Western Africa (WAFR)
Angola (AO) Equatorial Guinea (GQ) Niger (NG)
 Bahrain (BH) Jordan ( JO) Sultanate of Oman
 Cyprus (CY) Kuwait (KW) Syrian Arab Rep
 Egypt (EG) Lebanon (LB) united Arab
 Iran (IR) Qatar (QA Abu Dhabi
 Iraq (IQ) Saudi Arabia (SA) Fujairah

Although geographically Egypt and Sudan are situated on the Africa

continent, they are included in IATA’s version of the Middle East
area. Likewise Cyprus, which is generally considered as part of
Europe, is included in IATA Middle East
Area 3 is composed of the whole of
Asia and the neighboring islands (with
the exception of the part included in
TC2); Australia , New Zealand and
neighboring islands and also the Pacific
Islands (except those included in TC1).
Its sub-areas are as follows:
 Brunei (BN) Macau Russian Federation
 Cambodia (KH) Malaysia East of Urals (RZ)
 China (CN) Marshall Island Singapore(SG)
 Guam (GU) Micronesia (FM) Taiwan(TW)
 Hong Kong (HK) Mongolia(MN) Tajikistan(TJ)

 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore
 Micronesia (FM) (includes Caroline Islands except
 Afghanistan Samoa (AF) Nepal (NP)
 Bangladesh (BD) Pakistan(PK)
 Bhutan (BT) Sri Lanka(LK)
 India including Maldives(MV)
Andaman Islands
 American Samoa (AS) New Caledonia(NC)
 Australia (AU) New zealand (NZ)
 Cook Islands (CK) Niue (NU)
 Fiji Islands (FJ) Papua New Guinea (PG)
 French Polynesia (PF) Pitcairn Island
 Kiribati (KI) Samoa (WS)
 Nauru (NR) Solomon Islands (SB)
 Japan (JP) Korea, North (KP) Korea, South(KR)

This sub-area is also called by the unofficial

acronyms JAPKOR in some tariff refences and