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Do you remember verbs

in past?
Let’s see how much
you remember!

Write verbs in past that start with

the last letter of the previous verb.

For example:

Drank = knew = wrote = …….

Teacher draws on the board a pyramid
Ss work in groups, each s stands
up and writes one verb, giving the
marker to the following st. The
group that gets to the top first is the




Activity #2
Sts write verbs starting with the letters
they have on the board, just like in the
previous activity sts pass the marker and
write verbs in “base form”, the group
that finishes first is the winner for the
first part, then sts have to write the past
of each form.
 Teacher works with pronunciation in
groups, focusing on rhythm and
intonation, for example: arrived, bought,
came, drank, enjoyed, felt (group number
one) / killed, liked, made, needed, played
and read (group number two)