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Class Profile

8th Grade Advanced English

Teachers in the classroom
❖ My cooperating teacher:
➢ Dr. Karen Luecke

❖ Other specialists:
➢ Library and Media Specialist
■ Mrs. German
Gifted Students
All students in the class are
identified as gifted, so they
can attend Brickell Academy/Old
Donation Center.
Class Themes
This year’s theme is all about the Hero. Everything they read
and write has to do with mythological heroes, historical
heroes, their own heroes, and how students can be heroes in
their own community.

The other theme discussed in every unit is order vs. chaos.

Daily Routines
❖ Housekeeping:
➢ Teacher goes over any homework or assignments due that day and
addresses what they will be doing in class that day.

❖ Journal Entries:
➢ Almost every day, students will have a writing activity to do in
their journals. It may pertain to the current unit or may simply be
to improve their creative writing.

❖ Chromebook work:
➢ There is a class set of Chromebooks, so almost every class, the
lesson will require students to use technology.
Behavior/Discipline Plan
While observing and teaching this class so far, I have
noticed how mature and gifted these students are. If they
get out of control or talk too much, all the teacher does is
ask them to focus more or stop whatever they are doing that
is disruptive. In response, students are very respectful and
continue working.
Pictures of students working

Every teacher has a class set of Students working on their

Cromebooks to use during class. journal entry during the first
lesson that I taught.