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When supporting horizontal piping 5-inches

in diameter with hangers, a ___ inch

diameter rod shall be used

a. 1
b. 1/2
c. 5/8
d. 3/8
The combination of fittings that may be used
to make an offset and is considered a vertical
pipe are:

a. One 45 degree and one 45 degree

b. One 60 degree and one 45 degree
c. One 90 degree and one 45 degree
d. Two 90 degree and one 45 degree
The principal artery of the venting system to
which branches may be connected is called
the _____

a. Branch vent
b. Vertical vent
c. Vent
d. Main vent
PEX piping may be coupled together with
shielded couplings

a. true
b. false
c. maybe
d. none of the above
A device and system of piping that maintains
a water seal in a remote trap is called a trap

a. true
b. false
c. maybe
d. none of the above
A mixing valve that senses outlet temperature
and compensates for fluctuations in incoming
hot or cold water temperature is a _____.

a. Combination thermostatic/pressure-
balancing valve
b. Thermostatic (temperature control) valve
c. Pressure-balancing valve
d. None of the above
The distance between the wall to the center
of water closet shall not be less than ___

a. 12”
b. 15”
c. 24”
d. 30”
Automatically controlled flushometer valves
may be substituted for _______

a. Flush tanks
b. Flow control
c. Gate valves
d. Lever valves
Static pressure is pressure existing without
any flow

a. true
b. false
c. maybe
d. none of the above
A document, the main test of which contains
only mandatory provisions using the word
“shall” to indicate requirements, is best
described as a _______.

a. code
b. standard
c. law
d. legal document
It is permitted to drill and tap a vent pipe to
connect an indirect waste pipe

a. true
b. false
c. maybe
d. none of the above
Drinking fountains shall not be installed in

a. public toilet rooms

b. schoolyards
c. bars
d. restaurants
Joints at the roof, around pipes, shall be
made watertight by the use of _____.

a. A sealing compound
b. Flashing material
c. 15 pound felt
d. oakum
An unconfirmed space is a room or space
having a volume equal to at least _______ of
the aggregate input rating of all the fuel-
burning appliances in the space.

a. 10 cu. Ft per btu/hr

b. 25 cu. Ft per 1000 btu/hr
c. 50 cu. Ft per 1000 btu/hr
d. 100 cu. Ft per btu/hr
The type of acceptable joints for PEX shall be

a. Metal insert or metal compression

b. Solvent cemented
c. Shielded coupling
d. Mechanical
Water closet set side by side shall be no
closer than ____

a. 15 inches center to center

b. 30 inches center to center
c. 24 inches center to center
d. 18 inches center to center
Pipe joint material shall be insoluble inwater,
nontoxic, and applied _____.

a. On male threads only

b. On pipe threads and inside fittings
c. On inside fitting threads only
d. In warm weather only
Roofs, inner courts, vent shafts, light wells, or
similar areas having rainwater drains shall
discharge to a _____

a. Outside of the building or to the gutter

b. Sanitary sewage system
c. Private sewage disposal system
d. Sump with pump discharge into the house
Manually controlled flushometer valves shall
be used to flush more than

a. One urinal
b. Two urinals
c. Three urinals
d. Four urinals
Joints in copper shower pan liners shall be

a. burned
b. swaged
c. Sealed with epoxy cement
d. Soldered or brazed
The diameter of waste and overflow for a
bathtub shall not be less than ____

a. 1-1/4 inches od
b. 1-3/8 inches od
c. 1-1/2 inches od
d. 1-1/4 inches od
Gutters in public shower rooms shall be
sloped not less than ___

a. 2%
b. 3%
c. 5%
d. 7%
A horizontal drain that is sized to provide free
movement of air above the flow line of the
drain is called a ______

a. Solvent waste and vent system

b. Combination waste and vent system
c. Continuous waste system
d. Durham waste and vent system
Horizontal hubless pipe shall be braced at not
more than 40-foot intervals to prevent _____

a. noise
b. leaking
c. vertical movement
d. horizontal movement
Connections between drain and floor outlet
plumbing fixtures must be made with which
of the following?

a. Mechanical joints
b. Electromeric seal
c. Schedule 40 joints
d. Floor flanges
If ever it is impractical to install the horizontal
drainage piping following the required
minimum slope due to some reasonable
constraints, what is the least required slope
that is allowed?
a. 0.5 %
b. 1.5 %
c. 2.0 %
d. 1.0 %
What type of sewage has not received any

a. crude
b. oxidized
c. clarified
d. carbonized
What type of valve in a water system
combines to protect against excessive
temperature and pressure build-ups?

a. Temperature and pressure relief valves

b. Stop valve
c. Tempering valve
d. Temperature relief valve
What is a group vent pipe?

a. Circuit vent
b. Drain
c. Continuous vent
d. Cross connection
What is the term used which implies
siphonage in piping system?

a. deoxygenation
b. carbonation
c. vacuum
d. fkushing
What sewage includes the wastes from metal
and chemical plants, oil refineries, laundries,
diary plants and breweries?

a. residential
b. commercial
c. industrial
d. institutional
Unless prohibited by structural conditions,
what is the reference of each vertical vent
pipes before offsetting horizontally to join the
stack vent or vent stack?

a. Invert of trap
b. Highest flood level rim of fixture
c. Water level inside the trap
d. Air gap of fixture
For a discharge capacity in the excreta
drainage system of 1.0 to 1.89 per second,
what is its assigned equivalent fixture unit
when there is an intermittent flow in the

a. 3
b. 2
c. 4
d. 6
What do you call a drainage piping that
extends from the trap of a fixture to appoint
connection with another drain pipe?

a. Horizontal stack
b. Branch supply
c. Trap arm
d. Fixture drain
Which of the following commonly carries
both storm water or sewage?

a. Mixed drain
b. Subsoil drain
c. Combined sewer
d. Sanitary sewer
If potable water supply is being connected to
a non-potable water source, with what
reduced pressure device should connections
be made?
a. Back flow preventer
b. Air gap
c. Vacuum breaker
d. Double check valves
A device integrated within an air accumulator
vessel that is designed to discharge a
predetermined quantity of water to fixtures
for flushing purposes is a (an) _____.

a. Expansion tank
b. Surge tank
c. Flushometer tank
d. Day tank
What device is used to prevent backflow into
a potable water supply?

a. Backflow valve
b. Backwater valve
c. Backwater preventer
d. Backflow preventer
What is the process by which suspended
matter in sewage subsidies and is deposited
by gravity?

a. clarification
b. filtration
c. dilution
d. sedimentation
The length along the centerline of the pipe
and fittings is the _________

a. Diagonal length
b. Diameter length
c. Circumferential length
d. Developed length
What system describes soil or waste system
where all piping are threaded pipe, tubing or
other such rigid construction using recessed
drainage fittings to correspond to the types of

a. durham
b. schultz
c. smith
d. drake
What interior pipes are used to convey storm
water from a roof drain to appoint of

a. leaders
b. conductors
c. wet stacks
d. stacks
What type of water closet is installed in such
a way that it does not touch the floor?

a. hanger
b. wall-hung
c. carrier
d. handy
Which of the following is a common form of
protection from corrosion for pipes passing
through concrete?

a. Protective concreting
b. Protective coating
c. Protective handling
d. Protective wrapping
How do you call an auxiliary vent which
provides additional circulation of air in or
between a drainage system classified?

a. Common vent
b. Relief vent
c. Island vent
d. Branch vent
What does NAMPAP mean?

a. National Master Plumbing Association of

the Philippines
b. National Agency of Master Plumbing in
the Philippines
c. National Master Plumbers Association of
the Philippines
d. National Association of Master Plumber of
the Philippines
What tank is integral with water closet,
urinal, or similar fixtures for flushing or
removing excrements in the fixture?

a. flush
b. septic
c. drain
d. cistern
What do you call a receptacle installed to
collect and drain store water from an open

a. Combination sewer
b. Split drain
c. Area drain
d. Floor drain
What pipe carries potable water from the
water meter or other source of water supply
to a building or other point of use or
distribution on the lot

a. Building supply
b. Liquifier
c. Water distributor
d. Water regular
Which of the following types of traps

a. Traps which depend upon moving parts to

maintain a seal
b. P-traps
c. Crown-vented trap
d. Bell traps