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Code of Personal Conduct

“If not now, then when?”

-John E. Lewis

1.0 Open-Minded

 Tenet: Demonstrates open-mindedness while conversing and working with others.

 Guiding Principle: I am expected to be non-judgmental to ideas or people because they are

new or different. I understand the importance of being open to new ideas and expanding my
knowledge in new areas. This value, open mindedness, is essential for growth and the
tolerance of others.

 Illustrative Behavior:
 1.1 I continue to broaden my perspectives by listening to those who have different life
experiences and opinions, which will allow me to have a better understanding of these
differences and why they occur.
 1.2 I pursue new topics to expand my knowledge and to learn more about various
perspectives and ideas.
2.0 Respectful

 Tenet: I conduct myself in a manner that is respectful to all individuals.

 Guiding Principle: I am expected to recognize the significance of everyone, and no one

should be treated any less than this standard. It is essential to promote tolerance so everyone
is treated with the dignity they deserve. This includes striving for equality and pushing others to
do the same.

 Illustrative Behavior:
 2.1 I present myself in a welcoming and friendly manner to others.
 2.2 I recognize that people’s opinions may differ from my own, and these variations must
also be appreciated.
3.0 Dependable

 Tenet: Demonstrates dependability with commitments to others.

 Guiding Principle: I am expected to uphold the commitments I make to others. This requires
me to hold myself accountable for my commitments as well as my actions, which will
impact my overall reputation and relationships with others. It is significant to hold true to my
commitments in order to build valuable and trusting relationships with others.

 Illustrative Behavior:
 3.1 I make sure to follow through with any commitments I make to others or am honest
about any foreseeable conflicts.
 3.2 I look out for the best interests of those around me and make sure I am readily
available for support.