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1. With an area of 9.970.610 sq
km Canada is
a) the world’s largest country.
b) the world’s second largest
c) the world’s third largest
2. Canada has got
a) 4 time zones.
b) 6 time zones.
c) 5 time zones.
d) 2 time zones.
3. What are the national colours
of Canada?
a) red and blue
b) red and white
c) red and gold
d) blue and green
4. The Canadian flag displays
a) a maple leaf
b) an oak tree
c) a rising sun
d) fifty stars
5. What are the two official
languages of Canada?
a) French and English
b) Danish and English
c) English and Russian
d) English and Inuit
6. The capital city of Canada is
a) Ottawa
b) Montreal
c) Vancouver
d) Salt Lake City
7. What is Canada’s highest
a) Mount Logan
b) Mount Everest
c) Mount Doom
d) Kilimandjaro
8. Which oceans does Canada
border on?
a) the North Sea, the Pacific Ocean and
the Arctic Ocean
b) the Pacific Ocean and the South Sea
c) the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean
and the Arctic Ocean
d) none – Canada is surrounded by arctic
9. Who is Canada’s official head
of state?
a) the Queen of England
b) the prime minister
c) the French President
10. What is Canada’s national
a) a moose
b) a squirrel
c) a beaver
d) an eagle
11. The Canadian
“Mounties” are
very famous.
What are they?
a) a snack
b) Canadian policemen
c) Montreal’s ice hockey team
d) “Mounties” is the Canadian
word for mountains
12. Which of the following sports
was invented in Canada?
a) ice hockey
b) football (soccer)
c) basketball
d) biathlon
13. What is Canada’s
tallest building
a) the Space Needle
b) the Sears Tower
c) the CNN Building
d) the CN Tower
14. What do you call the people
who have been living in the
Arctic regions of Canada for
more than 5.000 years?
a) Inuit
b) Aborigines
c) Yupik
d) Sioux
15. Canada has got … provinces.
a) 16
b) 12
c) 10
d) 5
16. May 24th is a holiday in
Canada. What is it called?
a) Victoria Day
b) Canada Day
c) Beaver Day
d) Maple Leaf Day
17. Which Canadian actor
became a “starship captain”?
a) William Shattner
b) Patrick Stewart
c) Dr. Spock
d) Mike Myers
18. Which of these pop stars was
not born in Canada?
a) Avril Lavigne
b) Celine Dion
c) Shania Twain
d) Fred Durst
19. Which author does the
Canadian city of Straford,
Ontario celebrate every year?
a) William Shakespeare
b) Mark Twain
c) John Grisham
d) Charles Dickens
20. What’s the Internet country
code of Canada?
a) .cd
b) .cc
c) .ca
d) .can
1b 11 b
2b 12 a
3b 13 d
4a 14 a
5a 15 c
6a 16 a
7a 17 a
8c 18 d
9a 19 a
10 c 20 c