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Innativism: it’s all in your mind

 Language Acquisition
Device (LAD)
 Universal Grammar (UG)
- Acquisition is innately
determined, that we are born with a
built-in-device of some kind that
predisposes to language
- Children are biologically
programmed for language
Noam Chomsky
O he said that every child is
born with a biological
predisposition to learn
language- any language.
O he came up with the idea of
a language organ, which is
known as the Language
Acquisition Device (LAD).
4 Innate linguistic properties of
LAD (Mcneil 1996)

1. Ability to distinguish speech

sounds from other sounds in the
2. Ability to organize
linguistic events into various
classes which can later be
3. Knowledge that only a
certain kind of linguistic
system is possible and that
other kinds are not.
4. Ability to engage in
constant evaluation of the
developing linguistic system
How LAD Functions
O children need to access to samples of a
natural language to activate the device.
O once the LAD is activated. They
discover the structure of the language to
be learned.
OThe discover it by matching the innate
knowledge of UG to the structures of the
particular language in the environment.
Sentence are formed in the ff. sequence

Input LAD Output

Primary General
language Child’s
Linguistic Knowledge
Learning Speech
Data and rules
Universal Grammar
O a set of innate principles and adjustable
parameters that are common to all
human languages.
O Focuses on the structural relationships
rather than the linear order of the words.
UG principles Parameters
 Language is organized  Determine the ways in
that depends on the which language can vary .
structural relationship  Head parameter specifies
between elements in a the position at the head in
sentence. relation to its compliments
 Language usually contain for different languages.
NP and VP + (Other  Each phrases has a central
phrases) elements that is called the
head (NP-noun; VP-verb)
 English Language is head
-first language because head
of the phrase always appears
before its compliments.
Generative Model Parallel Distributed
Processing Model
 Pivot Grammar  Neurons in the brain are
- the early grammars said to form multiple
child language connections.
 A child’s linguistic
performance may be the
consequence of many
Sentence Pivot word levels of simultaneous
neural interconnections
and not a serial process of
one rule being applied.
Open word
Contributions of the Nativist Framework of the
understanding of the First Language Acquisiton

1. Freedom from the

restrictions of the so-called
“scientific method” to explore
the unseen, unobservable,
underlying, abstract linguistic
structures being developed in
the child.
2. Systematic description of the
child’s linguistic repertoire as
either rule-governed or
operating out of a parallel
distributed processing capacities
3. Construction of a number of
potential properties of universal