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SWOT & Etop analysis

College desh baghat mgt (mandi gobindgarh )

Definition of environment
Overview of environment scanning
Techniques of environment scanning
Environment means the surroundings, external
objects, influences or circumstances under which
someone or some thing exits.
Environmental scanning is a process of gathering,
analyzing, and dispensing information for tactical or
strategic purposes.
It is a process of dividing the environment into
different sectors and then analyzing the impact of
each sector on the organization.
Environmental sectors Nature of impact Impact of each sector


Economic Growing affluence among
urban consumers, rising

COMPANY disposable incomes & living


Market Organized sector a virtual

oligopoly with 4 major
manufacturers, buyers
critical & better informed,
overall industry growth rate
not encouraging, growth
rate for niche market like
sports, trekking etc is high.

International Global imports growing but

India’s share shrinking,
major importers are the US
& EU but India exports
mainly to Africa.
Political Bicycle principal mode of
transport for low & middle
income, Industry too small
to draw attention.

Regulatory Parts & components

reserved for SSI, bicycle
industry a thrust area for

Social Environment & health

friendly transport option,
wide usage, as recreation,
convenient in traffic,
customers preference
Supplier Mostly ancillaries in small-
scale sector supply parts &
components, rising steel
prices, industrial
concentration in Punjab &

Technological Up gradation in progress,

import of machinery
simple, product
innovations ongoing like
battery operated &
lightweight foldable cycles
ETOP provides a clear picture to the strategists about
which sectors & different factors in each sector, have
a favorable impact on the organization.