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Who are our competitors?

What customer needs and preferences are we competing to meet?

What are the similarities and differences between their products/services and ours?

How do their prices compare to ours?

How do we plan to compete?

Offer better quality services?

Lower prices?

More support?

Easier access to services?

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a) Winding Wire Industry is a combination of Pure Competition & Oligopoly with intrinsic
features of both.

Features of Such type of Competition: -

i) Low barriers to entry, many choices
ii) Very similar products, small firms follow lead of big firms, fairly inelastic demand

b) The organized sector comprising of around 20 players is estimated to hold around

35% market share whereas unorganized sector accounts for the balance 65%.

s. Used in all electrical windings

2. The overall per capital consumption of round and rectangular

winding wires in India
is low and hence presents a significant long term opportunity.

3. Export of electrical equipments, automobiles, etc from India

would be an added
growth driver apart from double digit growth from its user

4. The domestic demand for copper winding wire is estimated to be

around s50,000
tones with average growth rate s0-s2% per year.

s. Best Quality Product Good

2. Knowledgeable and available staff Available

3. Friendly people Poor Response

4. Good value Excellent

5. Convenience Poor

6. A fast finish Poor


s. We thrive to become the part of the organized sector who are supplying SE Copper
Wires in India.
2. Currently the other Big Brand don¶t consider us the part of the organized sector &
our aim currently is to get into the elite sector.
3. Current Winding wire demanded are Class B s30°, Class F s55°, Class H s 0° & Dual
Coat 200°
4. Extensive demand of Class F by Manufacturer¶s & Class B by Retailer¶s
5. We are currently making Class B & F, Class H & DC are made only by
manufacturer¶s in India due to its low demand but stringent quality demand
6. There is no basic difference in our product & that of our competitor¶s
7. We are using CC Copper from Birla Copper, apart from Birla Copper our competitor¶s
also purchase from Sterlite, Hindustan Copper
. Varnish used by us is of Dr. Beck & we are thinking to use U/L approved varnish of
9. Quality issues do creep up but then this is a common phenomenon in all our
s0. But some of our competitor¶s have implemented Six Sigma quality measures to
improve quality.

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       '( |

Apple insulated wires pvt . Ltd
Beico Industries pvt limited
Jalan Wires pvt ltd
Vidya Wires pvt . Ltd

)& | )(

     )( |

Bharat Insulation co.
Bhilai Conductors pvt ltd
K. Patel Metal ind . Pvt . Ltd
Lark Wires @ infotech ltd
Mimani Wires pvt . Ltd

*&     +

+  |   ,+   

Bharat Insulation co.

Beico Industries pvt limited
Lark Wires
Mimani Wires
Vidya Wires
Sunrise metallic

      0 &

a) U/L approval
b) New Machineries to improve overall production & quality
c) In near future trying to take ISI mark
d) Better supply chain process to stream line delivery process
e) Participating in Exhibition & trade fairs
f) Price Revision to accommodate more discount option
g) More suggestion requested«.

Marketing of Product is always integrated with services, how good is

our product but if we aren¶t providing good services then brand
image never improves.

Many of our competitors have successfully implemented Enhanced

Quality policies in there work places for instance: -

a)Milan & Ram Ratna have 0 Tolerance to defect as they follow 0

defect Quality policy
b) Viraj Conductors & Mimani Wires have become the pioneer in the industry
by becoming the first companies to implement 6 Sigma in there
production house.
+  4 

s. Our Rates are comparatively lower in the market

2. But some time lower rates do back fire as the buyer develops a view that
the product might be of sub-standard.


s. Most of our competitors have depots across India to cater

the local demand soon.
2. This improves service standard as the turn around time in
such case is minimal