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Ms Rashi saxena
Nihal Pandey
Roll No: 1618170063
 Nestle does not favor short-term profit at the expense
of successful long-term business development.
 Nestle recognizes that its consumers have a sincere
and legitimate interest in the behavior, beliefs and
actions of the Company behind brands in which they
place their trust, and that without its consumers the
Company would not exist.
 Nestle believes that, as a general rule, legislation is the
most effective safeguard of responsible conduct,
although in certain areas, additional guidance to staff
in the form of voluntary business principles is
beneficial in order to ensure that the highest standards
are met throughout the organization.
 Nestle is conscious of the fact that the success of a
corporation is a reflection of the professionalism,
conduct and the responsible attitude of its
management and employees. Therefore recruitment of
the right people and ongoing training and
development are crucial.
 Nestle continues to maintain its commitment to follow
and respect all applicable local laws in each of its
Research refers to search of knowledge. The pattern in
which a result is carried out to arrive to a conclusion or
a final new relationship within in a particular
framework is called research methodology.
Research design is the framework or plan for a study
that guides the collection and analysis of the data. It is
a map or blue print according to which research is to
be conducted. The research design is given below:
The research design followed for this study is descriptive
research for analyzing the collected data, and in-depth
research analysis was framed and various statistical tools
and techniques were also used for the purpose.
Descriptive research includes survey and facts, findings
enquire of different kinds. The major purpose of descriptive
research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at
present. The methods of research utilized in descriptive
research are survey method of all kinds, including
comparative and correlation methods
 It is inferred that 43% people who responded for the
questionnaire is private employee.
 The chart denotes 57% of respondents who answered
the questionnaire are male.
 It is inferred that 56%of respondent’s income level falls
between Rs. 21,000 – Rs. 30,000.
 It shows that 90% of respondents are aware of
 It is shown that NESTLE product is aware for 69% of
 It is observed that customers prefer purchasing
NESTLE for its quality.
 It is inferred that only 12% of respondents strongly
agree NESTLE is there first preference.
 It is found that NESTLE influenced 60% of its
customers through advertisements.
 It is denoted that 81% of respondents feel NESTLE is
 It is inferred that 73% of respondents purchase
NESTLE only sometimes.
 The chart denotes 43% of the respondents purchase
NESTLE only sometimes.
 It is observed that only 54% of respondents are aware
of the ambassador, 16%with wrong answer and other
30% is nil.
 It is inferred that 54% of respondents are aware of
men’s products.
 It is observed that the satisfactory level of 47% majority
respondents is neutral.
 The chart denotes 52% of respondents feel the price of
NESTLE is high.
The various tests conducted on the data obtained
from the implementation of the questionnaire
allowed me to understand the various drivers for
purchasing personal care products. The author
could identify that a high level of brand awareness
is an important driver with regard to influencing
purchasing behavior. A few analyses with regards
to desirability in the levels of desire according to
ethnicity. This was shown that the ethnic group
which had the most desire for the brand also
displayed the most positive behavior with regard o
Further tests were performed which gave a clear indication
that it is possible to see the effect that a favorable perceptions of
the corporate/ product NESTLE brand has an influencing
behavioral intention and ultimately has the end behavior .In
terms of identifying whether or not the current value
proposition of NESTLE is suited to the target audience the
overall impression of the author is that it would be a
strategically important move if NESTLE were to try to develop
a stronger emotional bond with in which to ‘sell’ to the consumer
unique self expressive benefits which can be gained when using
NESTLE brand products. They survey also releaved the weaker
presence of NESTLE amongst the black ethnic group. The action
should lead to long-term strategic and market related benefits.
The author suggests that Nestle concentrates on
marketing and communication efforts and adjusts its
advertising accordingly , in order to reflect a more
accepted brand imagery for the ethnic group with respect
to the NESTLE , through meeting the desires, social and
self-expressive needs of this group more accurately. By
identifying what it is that this segment values the more in
personal care products, the brand can adjust its value
proposition accordingly in order to increase its market share.
By providing a superior value proposition and meeting the
problems, desires and needs of the consumer more
appropriately, the brand can head towards enhancing and
improving the consumer satisfaction and loyalty metrics.
The survey did give an indication that the
respondents valued functionally and emotionally
benefits the most when using NESTLE products but it
is more important for the organization to keep in
mind that in this industry , functional benefits are
very easily initiated. The organization has a more
endurable , and sustainable competitive advantage when
they consider there brand from a product perspective, an
organization perspective as well as a symbolic
perspective. When the brand only fixates on product at
hand they are very susceptible imitations.
 The survey was limited to Kanpur city due to time
 The study was conducted under of assumptions that
the information given by the respondents in authentic.
 The respondents were reluctant to answer due to their
busy schedule.
 Many respondents were biased in their responses.