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Company History

– 1887, John W. Nordstrom moved from Sweden to New York.

– 1897, moved to Klondike in Alaska to work in a gold mine.

– Got into partnership with Carl Wallin to start a shoe store in


– In 1928, John Nordstrom retired and sold his

share of the company to his sons, Everett and
Company History

• Growing Reputation
– Company grew to become largest shoe chain in US.

– 1963, bought Best Apparel – a Seattle-based clothing store.

– After 3 years, bought Portland, Oregan fashion retail store

and merged it into existing Portland shoe store and named
it Nordstrom Best.

– In 1968, the company was handed over to Everett's son

Bruce, Elmer's sons James and John, Lloyd's son-in-law Jack
McMillan and family friend Bob Bender.
Company History
• Growing Reputation
– 1971, company became public.

– 1975, first Nordstrom Rack was opened in Seattle.

• Nordstrom Today
– Created fashion departments that fit individuals' lifestyles.

– The company's philosophy has remained unchanged for

more than 100 years since its establishment by John W.
Nordstrom in 1901: offer the customer the best possible
service, selection, quality and value.
Organisation Structure
• President Profile - Blake W. Nordstrom, 49
– 1987–1991, merchandise manager for women's shoes for
Nordstrom Rack.

– 1991–1995, vice president and general manager of the

Washington and Alaska region, overseeing operations for
eight full-line stores, two Nordstrom Rack stores.

– 1995–2000, co-president with responsibilities including operations, the shoe

division, and Nordstrom Rack.

– February–August 2000, president of Nordstrom Rack.

– August 2000 – Corporate President.

Organisation Structure of Nordstrom
President Directors Executive Vice President

Erik B. Nordstrom Laurie M. Black

Director, Executive Vice Executive Vice President and General Merchandise

President and President, Stores Manager, Cosmetics Division

Robert E. Campbell
Peter E. Nordstrom
Treasurer and Vice President, Investor Relations
Director, Executive Vice
President and President, James A. Howell
James F. Nordstrom, Jr., 37 Vice President, Finance
Blake W.
Nordstrom Executive Vice President and
Kevin T. Knight,
President, Nordstrom Direct
Executive Vice President; Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer of Nordstrom fsb, President of
Nordstrom Credit, Inc.
Independen Michael G. Koppel,
t Directors
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Phyllis J. Campbell

Enrique Hernandez Jr. Daniel F. Little

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative

Robert G. Miller
Philip G. Satre Anne Martin-Vachon

Robert D. Walter Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing

Alison A. Winter
Executive Vice President
Scott A. Meden

Executive Vice President and General Merchandise Manager, Shoe Division

Margaret Myers

Executive Vice President and General Merchandise Manager, Accessories and Women's Specialized
Robert B. Sari

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Loretta Soffe

Executive Vice President and General Merchandise Manager, Women's Apparel Division

Delena M. Sunday

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity Affairs

Geevy S.K. Thomas

Executive Vice President and President, Nordstrom Rack

Mark J. Tritton

Executive Vice President and President, Nordstrom Product Group

David M. Witman

Executive Vice President and General Merchandise Manager, Menswear and Kidswear Divisions

Ken Worzel

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Development


• Nordstrom, Inc. operates as a fashion

specialty retailer in the United States.
• It sells:
– Apparel, shoes, cosmetics for Women,
– Men,
– Juniors.
• It also sells
– Designer Collections

– Baby & Kids clothes

– Shoes

– Handbags & Accessories

– Beauty & Fragrance

– At Home & Gifts

– Weddings and accessories through Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and

Last Chance retail stores, as well as through its Web site at
www.nordstrom.com and catalogs
• Some of the famous brands offered at Nordstrom -
Store Format

• Store format creates a distinct image to

– Store Formats by Location
– Store Formats by Ownership
– Store Formats by Merchandise
– Store Formats by Size
– Store Formats by Price
– Store Formats by Concessions
Store Format
• NORDSTROM is a department store which offers
Clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewellery,
beauty products, and house wares.

• Department store satisfies wide range of

customers by offering multiple choice at variable
price points in all product categories.

• Nordstrom Rack store is an off-price retail

format of Nordstrom, which sells Nordstrom’s own
off-season and clearance goods from its mall
Store Location

• Nordstrom is a department store

chain in the United States.
• The company sells clothing,
accessories, handbags, jewelry,
cosmetics, fragrances, and home
• The corporate headquarters and the
flagship store are located in
Downtown Seattle, Washington.
Store Location

• In 1975, Nordstrom expanded into

Alaska and opened its first Nordstrom
Rack clearance store in Seattle.
• In 1976, Nordstrom opened a series of
stores called Place Two to sell a more
limited selection of apparel in smaller
Store Location

• Nordstrom plans to open approximately

50 stores within the next 10 years.
• Upcoming stores will be in-
– Phoenix – St. Louis
– Naples – Charlotte
– Indianapolis – Nashville
– Minneapolis – San Juan
– Cincinnati – Puerto Rico
Target Customers
• Understanding customers.

• Treats customers like royalty.

• Nordstrom sales associates will do virtually

everything they can to make sure a shopper leaves
the store a satisfied customer.

• Communication Objective: Where friends and

fashion meet.
Target Customers
• Demographics
– Region – Suburban to Urban USA

– Online - Also serves customers through its online presence at


– Occupation –Student, Professional, Self employed

– Gender – Male/Female

– Age – 35-50 years

– Income – Middle to High income group

– Family – Married, teenage kids, babies, etc.

Target Customers
• Psychographics
– Fashion oriented

– Likes brands

– Time starved

– Love socializing

– Craves personal attention

– Focus on self
Annual Report
• Scorecard
Dollars in millions except per share amounts

Fiscal Year 2009 2008 %Change

Net Sales 8258 8272 (0.2)
Earnings before 696 648 7.4
income taxes
Net earnings 441 401 9.9
Earnings per basic 2.03 1.85 9.7
Earnings per diluted 2.01 1.83 9.8
Cash dividend paid per 0.64 0.64 -
share Despite a drop in sales by
0.2 % Nordstrom’s earnings
has improved over the last
Source: www.nordstrom .com
Annual Report
Dollars in millions

Increase in number of stores and decline in economy of U.S.

must have decreased the sales volume per store…..
• Web pages
– www.nordstrom .com
– http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/biography/M-R/Nordstrom-Blake-W-1961.html
– http://earthham.edu
– http://en.mimi.hu/marketingweb/organisational_structure.html
– http://Bized.co.uk
– www.wikipedia.org/
– http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/34270/shopping/nordstrom_rated_1_in_customer_experience
– http://www.apparelsearch.com/names/n/nordstrom/nordstrom_fashion_retailer_nordstrom_profile.htm

• Books
– Way to Customer service excellence by Robert Spector and Patrick McCarthy.
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