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j Introduction to Retail Management
j Course Objectives
j Pedagogy
j Industry Overview
j Growth Drivers
j Rising Metros
j Change is Constant
j Careers in Retail

j Industry overview & Types Retailing
j Building blocks of Retail Setup
j Merchandise Management
j Pricing & Promotion Management
j Operations Management
j Retail Audit
j Emerging Retail Trends
j Classroom Teaching
j Group Quiz
j Secondary Research & Presentations
j Field Assignments
j Case Analysis
j Evaluation Test

j A booming size of $600 billion in 2010
j Contributes to 8% of GDP and 7% Indians employed
j 10% YOY growth since 2000
j 5 outlets per 1000 population ʹ highest in the world!
j 32% rise in urbanization
j Preferred as 2nd investment destination after Russia
j With 95% share, traditional retailing continues to be the
j Organized retail is expected to grow from 5% to 15% by
j Traditional & Digital media played vital role to increase the
propensity of average consumption

j India is unexploited and under penetrated market
j More than 33% of population is below 25 with
increasing disposable income
j Ever increasing middle and upper class population
j Easy availability of personal credit
j Changing lifestyles and favorable demographic patterns
j Availability of skilled labor
j Low cost of operations
j Liberalization in Policy and Regulatory framework

j Six million Indian households are classified as ͚rich͛ with annual
income over US$ 4,700 and over half of them live in Delhi, Mumbai
and Bangalore.
j 62 per cent of the market for premium products in India is also
concentrated in these three cities.
j 5 per cent of India͛s retail market is concentrated in the country͛s
eight largest cities.
j One million households at the top of India͛s income map constitute
the ͚super-rich͛ in the country. Growing by 20 per cent every year,
this segments͛ buying behaviour is in line with its corresponding
international counterparts. While this segment is a worthy target
for high-end premium products, it is not the key driver of the
organised retail sector.
j Window shopping to online pre-shopping
j Single channel to Multiple Channels
j Internet at home to internet at store to
internet on mobile
j Knowing more to buying more
j Product distribution to Shopper͛s

j Product & Brand Managers
j Store Manager
j Marketing & Promotions
j HR & Training
j IT & Support
j Supply Chain Management


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