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A Taste of India

India’s Weather
• Most of India has a tropical climate with three
main seasons.
• October to March is cool 24-25°C and dry.
• April to May is hot 28-31°C and dry.
• June to September is hot 27-31°C and very wet
– the MONSOON season.
• During the Monsoon season India
experiences very strong winds and very
heavy rainfall.
Travelling across India
• The landscape of India is very varied.
• In the north there are the mountain ranges
of the HIMALAYAS. The highest peak in
the Himalayas is MOUNT EVEREST.
• South of the Himalayas is a huge flat area
through which the RIVER GANGES flows.
• Southern India is an area of high flat land
called the Deccan Plateau.
• Most people in India follow the HINDU religion.
• Hindus believe that Hindu gods and goddesses
represent the different qualities and powers of
one supreme God.
• Hindus have many festivals and celebrations, for
example DIWALI.
• Hindus believe that the place where any rivers
meet is sacred. Platforms called ghats are built
to enable pilgrims to bathe more easily in the
• For most Hindus, Diwali is the most important festival of
the year. It takes place at the end of October.
• Various traditional stories are remembered at Diwali, for
example the story of RAMA AND SITA.
• Hindus decorate their homes and temples with rows of
lights called DIVAS.
• There are big family celebrations with feasts and
• Elephants have been a symbol of India for many
centuries and are still ridden in festival processions.
• Special patterns called RANGOLIS are drawn on the
floor with coloured powders. They believe that they will
bring good luck to the house.
Cooking and eating in India
• Indian food is colourful and uses many spices.
• Indians eat different meals depending on what is
grown in the area in which they live, and their
• Many Indians are vegetarians. Hindus do not
eat beef and Muslims do not eat pork.
• Although knives and forks are used in India,
eating with the fingers of your right hand is
considered good manners. You are able to feel
and appreciate the texture of the food.
Cooking and eating in India
• Daal is the Indian word for pulses, like lentils, chickpeas
and kidney beans. These pulses are used to make a
stew-like dish called Daal.
• Ghee is a form of butter used in cooking.
• Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice. It is bright
yellow and is considered a symbol of hospitality.
• Turmeric is a yellow spice used in curries and is thought
to be lucky.
• Red chillies are very hot! They are used in curries.
• Ginger is a root used in curries and is added to tea.
• Mango is called the ‘King of Fruits’ in India and is used in
Indian ice-cream called Kulfi.
How much can you remember?