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1. About the Company
2. Vision and Mission
3. STP
4. Marketing Mix
5. Competitors
6. Sales Training
• Sales training: Shoppers Stop
7. Sales Forecasting
• Sales Forecasting: Shoppers Stop
8. Sales Process
9. Selling Channels
10. Distribution Channel
11. Promotions
Indian Departmental Store Chain

Member of Intercontinental Group of Departmental


Year of Incorporation -

Owned by –
K Raheja Group

Products –
Apparel, footwear, accessories, handbags, jewelery,
fragrances, cosmetics, health and beauty products,
home furnishing and decor

Total Number of stores –

83 in 38 Cities

Number of employees –
To be an inspirational and
trusted brand, transforming
customers' lives through fashion
and delightful shopping
experience every time.

“It’s Magical, It’s Comfortable, It’s My Store”

"Nothing but the Best”
Shoppers Stop will provide the "BEST" value in terms of products and services
and adopt "best" processes for stakeholders, without compromise, thereby
matching global standards of performance.

GEOGRAPHIC Tier-I & Tier-II cities

DEMOGRAPHIC Age group- Kids & young

generation (upto 40 years)
Customer Gender- Male & Female
Income group- Middle class
Segmentation &upper middle class
PSYCHOGRAPHIC Lifestyle- People who are style
High quality value for money
BEHAVIOURAL Occasion- Regular
Quality and service

Age Group: 16 to 40+ yrs

Families and Young Couples

Monthly Household income of 30,000 and above

Shopper’s Stop core customers represent a strong sector

Established as a brand which provides its customer much
more than a shopping experience but making connections
with the customer.

Shopping international experience to shopping for emotional

fulfillment in 2008

Shopping and beyond in 2005

From ‘Ultimate shopping Experience’ to ‘feel the experience’

in 1993

Evolution of SS began with the baseline logo changed with

the ever rising evolution of customer aspirations in 1992


• Competitively priced

• Provide discounts and has to come up with

various sale events all throughout the year
to sustain in the market.

• Discounts generally placed on old stocks

• new arrivals are generally not discounted

• Low prices brands of 300 and goes up to

around Rs.10,000 for designer collections.

• Prices also vary according to categories

─ Emotional Approach
─ Portray the joyful experience of shopping with your friends and
─ More for the same and not same for Less
“Start Something New”
“Bring the romance back to retail”
“Rediscover yourself and your relationships”
“We have been in the business of fashion and creating delightful shopping experiences
for the last 25 years. However, the recent changing dynamics of retail has led the
industry to shift focus to a transactional mind-set that is mired in deep discounting.
Our aim is to bring the romance back to retail and bring the focus back to the joy of
the shopping experience.”
- Mr. Govind Shrikhande, Customer Care Associate & Managing Director, Shoppers Stop Ltd.
“Bring back the romance to retail”
Gift Vouchers
Festival and Events
Public Relations
Celebrity Endorsement
Personal Selling
Friendly and Supportive Staff

Personal Shopper Program

• Personalized assistance
•Complimentary Service
•Available at 60 stores across India
• Well-trained advisor with expertise in the latest fashion trends
•A complete understanding of the store and brands
•Innate ability to assess customers’ needs, shortlist products and help them arrive at a
shopping decision.
•Helps a customer explore and discover their personal style by guiding them on various
aspects such as the perfect fit, the right style for specific
Direct Selling
First Citizen Loyalty Program

-4.7 Million First Citizen Loyalty Card Members

-Contributing to 75% of sales
To upgrade to a Silver Edge First Citizen Card purchase worth Rs. 10,000 within the validity period of your card.
To upgrade to a Golden Glow First Citizen Card purchase worth Rs. 40,000 within the validity period of your card.
*Terms & Conditions apply. #Parking charges reimbursable against purchases at Shoppers Stop only.
^Available at select stores Source:
Visibility and Offers
E-Marketing- Spreading its reach
Social Media Presence
39 cities
90 departments
450 brands
40,000 SKUs
20,000 customers footfall
E-Reach 1200 towns and cities

Shoppers Stop requires a strong distribution channel


Distribution Channel
Distribution Center

SS Store
Distribution Centers

• Number of DC: 4
• Divided into four zones
• Location: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore,
• Floor Area: 20,000-22,000 sq ft
• Transportation to store: Done by DC
• 100% outsourced by SS
• Stocks for 7 weeks
Delivery Authorization

• An international system followed by major

• Prepared on the projected sales for each
• SS places order on the basis of demand
• Better inventory control and management
• Assurance to both SS and manufacturer
Stock Replenishment

• SS store has its minimum SKUs

• IT system automatically checks for stock outs
• DC is informed
• Lead time for replenishment: 1 day
• At DC, every night data is compiled & a store wise
list of merchandise is prepared
Shoppers Stop sought an

integrated, optimized and

Realised targets

feature-rich warehouse ● 24x7 warehousing operations-reduced the store replenishment cycle time

by half
management system (WMS) to
● 100% systemized putaway- ensured a 30% increase in order picking
help it achieve its omni-channel
accuracy while also leading to an overall inventory accuracy.
vision through which it aims to
● Enabled two different fulfilment strategies (for online customer and store
achieve 20 percent digitally-
orders) from the same warehouse and solution
influenced sales by 2020.
Sales Training
Involves the personal development of skills and techniques
related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as
well as closing sales for an organization.
Why train salespeople?
• Increase productivity
• Improve morale
• Improve Customer Relations
• Reduce role conflict and ambiguity
• Improve efficiency
• Improve Selling Skills
Well-designed Training Program
• Analyse needs
• Determine Objectives
• Develop program and implement
• Evaluate and review program
Training Objectives
• Product or Service knowledge
• Market/Industry knowledge
• Company knowledge
• Time and territory management
• Customer knowledge
• Selling skills
• Technology
Customer Care Association

The sales staff known as Customer Care Associates.

Training in terms of sales, trends, product knowledge,

competitor's knowledge and customer knowledge

Trained Salespeople – Satisfied Customers – Increased Sales

Training of CCA’s in Shoppers Stop

• Understanding CCA profile-introduction , roles &

responsibility, hierarchy
• Category knowledge
• Understanding customer profile-direct customer feedback
• Understanding consumer needs
• Product offerings
• Brand price points: Sales related company policies.
• Pricing & distribution policies
• working procedure
• Customer service desk
Understanding CCA profile-introduction, Hierarchy,
Roles & Responsibility
• Unit VM head
• Store admin
• Unit marketing head
• Unit coordinator
• EDP head
• Back end cashiers
• Store accounts-accounts executive, Assistant cashiers
• HR-Unit HR head
• Security
• Maintenance –unit maintenance head
• Reception & Housekeeping head
Sales Forecasting
A forerunner to all planning activities in the
Why Sales Forecast?

• Manufacturing- set up production capacity

• Finance- raise funds for investment & operations
• Purchase- plan purchase
• Human Resource- manage manpower
Shoppers Stop Sales Forecast

Last years sales trends(Objectives) - Forecasts the percentage growth

Decision depends on various Internal and External Environmental Factors

The sales targets are communicated to the store supervisors and customer
care associates and weekly con- calls are done
Shoppers Stop Sales Forecast
Sales forecast for the spring summer season (1st April to 30th September) is done on 1st October, six months in advance.
This sales is broken down division wise and further brand wise.

Brand Division Store Organisation

Sales Forecasting at Store Level

● Stock keeping units are determined on the basis of moving averages.

● The system generates averages of the required quantities for the last two weeks. As the process is
concurrent to the market conditions they go up with the demand and fall with the slump.
● The minimum units are fixed which are based on the past lows and highs.

Saturdays and Sunday’s account for 40% of the week’s business hence most fluctuations are expected on these two
days. Inventory is stocked up on Friday based on the weekly forecast.
Selling is a process involving the interaction between a
potential buyer and a sales person to sell its products.

Sales techniques and strategies are really based on what

it takes to 'close the deal', which is crucial to any
Sales Process

Preparation Prospecting Approach Presentation Closing Follow-up
Sales Process
Sales process involves a series of steps — each consisting of a sales methodology

1. Preparation
• Involves preparing for the initial contact with a potential customer.
• Study relevant information, such as product descriptions, prices, and competitor information.
2. Prospecting
• Finding and qualifying potential customers.
• Assessing customers’ needs and wants that the company can fulfill.
3. Approach
• First face-to-face interaction you will have with the potential customer.
• The idea behind this approach is to get the prospect involved in the interaction quickly.
4. Sales pitch/Presentation
• Actively listening to the needs and wants of the potential customer
• Demonstrating how your product can meet those needs and wants.
5. Handling objections
• Salespeople get to know what to focus upon while addressing a prospect's concerns.
• Can overcome objections through preparation and having the right information at hand to address them.
6. Closing
• Identifying closing signals from the prospect that indicate it's decision time.

7. Follow-up
• Building a long-term relationship with your customer for purposes of repeat sales.
An effective sales process is:
• Customer-centric
• Clearly defined
• Repeatable
• Predictable
• Goal-oriented
• Measurable
• Adaptable
Selling Channels : Offline
Shoppers Stop Ltd.

Departmental Store Hypermarket

Specialty retailing
Shoppers Stop (80) HyperCITY (19)

Beauty & cosmetics

Home Products
M.A.C, Estee Lauder,
Home Stop (16)
Clinique, etc. (81)

Book Store Airport retailing

Crossword (88) Nuance (JV)

Luxury Accessories Parenting Products

Acrelia Mothercare

Source:; 2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT

Selling Channels : Online
Company’s retail space has increased to 4.2 million square feet
(83% increase)

The company is tapping in to becoming Omni-channel to provide
seamless shopping experiences through online and by digitally
transforming the stores continuing to drive profitable revenue growth.

Source:; 2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT

Performance Evaluation(Shoppers Stop)

Source:; 2016-17 ANNUAL REPORT

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