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Ron Kandhai, NL Low Voltage Systems/ Powergen, 08-06-2010

Motor Control Center MNS iS

with Condition Monitoring

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 1
About myself

Ron Kandhai

Sales Engineer Low Voltage Systems


 Sales Engineer at ABB for Low Voltage Systems in the

 Six (6) years experience with Low Voltage Motor Control
Centres (MCC’s) for power, petrochemical, oil and gas

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 2
What characterizes a truly intelligent switchgear?
Challenges today – Added Value

1. Higher safety 3. Lower life cycle cost

4. Lower down time

2. Maximum simplicity
5. Higher process

Target of customer(s) is to run the plant with highest

safety, reliability, availability against lowest

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 3
cost of ownership!
Higher Safety: Unique Design

MView - control panel.

Built in power

Built in control wiring

Control Modules Power Modules

Control cable area Power cable area

Standardized & simplified design.

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 4
Higher Safety: advanced technical solution.

Smart sensor technique replaces the traditional current and voltage transformers.
Proven technology from car industry.

 Full motor protection

and supervision
By measuring current
and voltage per phase.

Circuit board with microprocessor

 Temperature
High precision shunt measurement
(integrated in the copper busbar)
Built in per power module

You get the first fully supervised system.

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 5
Higher Safety: Unique Design
Safety by design – Arc Faults

 ABB Design Philosophy MNS® switchgear platform

 Arcing faults prevention
 designing and dimensioning the system correctly and
 using materials that actively do not support Arcs.
 maintenance free busbar
 located way from the operator at the rear, segregated
behind an arcing barrier.
Withdraw a module for safe maintenance  Insulated distribution bus bars
 phase segregated so it is virtually impossible to create
secondary arcing faults providing a Fault Free Zone.

 Type Tested as per IEC60439 as well as IEC61461 for

Arc Fault containment & VDE0550 crit. 6 & 7.
 1TGC910045E0201 MNS iS arc fault test video.wmv

Segregated and optionally fully

insulated main bus bars in
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May 27,rear
| Slide 6
Simplified design

MStart DOL 6E/4

 Intelligent MNS iS motor starter (with smart relay segregated)

MStart DOL 6E/2


MStart DOL 6E

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 7
Lower Life Cycle Cost: Scalability
Fully scalable system allows you to select what you need

 Customized download of software to the  Customized selection of hardware

basic control unit. modules.

Analog Input/ Output Unit
Digital Input/ Output Unit
I/O Config
Communication Unit


Right pricing for right requirements.

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 8
Simplified design
Lowest Down Time : Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
Standardized power modules and
customized control modules

Lowest MTTR by direct exchange of functional

modules and automatic configuration!
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May 27, 2018 | Slide 9
Higher process availability
Integrated Solutions with process control systems

 Central Control Room-

Process operation

 Plant Maintenance Room-

Maintenance personnel

 Substation Room-
Electrical personnel

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 10
Condition Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance Add-on, any time

 Collects data and converts it into information

 Predicts device condition based on usage and consumption
 Provides maintenance information before it is too late
 Streamlines the process from detect to repair

Electrical Asset Management

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ABB Condition Monitoring Package
May 27, 2018 | Slide 11
Condition Monitoring - Predictive Maintenance
Detailed information

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 12
Maintenance Management
Proactive Predictive Preventive Reactive

Intelligent MCC with Condition Monitoring

Smart Motor Controller

Conv. MCC

0 Trip Max. Down

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May 27, 2018 | Slide 13
Demand of costumer.
Target of customer(s) is to run the plant
with highest safety, reliability, availability
against lowest cost of ownership!
MNS iS and condition monitoring provides
excellent solutions to accomplish this

 Reference list.
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May 27, 2018 | Slide 14