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SDOF Harmonic Excitation

Undamped Harmonic Excitation

Damped Harmonic Excitation
Respond to Support Motion:

In Harmonic Excitation, support reaction is known as Transmissibility

(Tr) and its define as the ration - amplitude of motion and the
oscillator amplitude.
Exercise 1

SDOF Under Harmonic Excitation

An electric motor of mass= 1000kg is mounted at the center of a simply supported beam of
length L=10
A spring of stiffness k=100 KN/m is attached to the center of the beam at one end and attached
to a ground support at the other and as shown in the figure below.

The beam has values of E = 205 GPa and I = 2.888 x 10-5m4

The motor runs at 112 rpm and its rotor is producing a harmonic force of amplitude fo = 10 KN
on the motor
Assuming 10% critical damping and neglecting weight of beam.
Calculate the followings:

a) The steady state displacement amplitude Y of the vertical motion of the motor.
b) Determine the steady state displacement function of the motor.
c) Determine the maximum support reaction at the beam support due to the dynamic force.
d) If the support position is to be reduced by half, what speed (rpm) should the motor be
running at?