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Microsoft Power BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia

Bilytica Private Limited

We Convert your data into brilliance

Who are our Clients?
• Founded in 2007, headquartered in
Melbourne, Australia. 8 Offices world-wide, • Government Ministries &
focused on bringing value in data Institutes (Education, Security, Health,
• Nokia
• Bilytica Private Limited is founder & owner of 7
International products (Erpisto, Cloudpital, • Walmart
InsureQlik, PeopleQlik, CampusQlik, Fuelioo, • Nesma Saudi Arabia
• Coca Cola International
• Integrys Group
• Awarded as one of the Fastest growing • Australian POST
Business Intelligence Analytics company in the • Audi
world – 2014 SIGNL
• Viasat Sweden
• Astral Canada
• Mobily Saudi Arabia
• HRB Group
Bilytica Offerings Service

Enterprise Business / Data

Resource Intelligence , Customer
Planning DWH, Machine Enterprise Engagement
Solutions Mobility Solutions
Learning & Big
ERP/CRM Data Services

Some Business Situations Where our Analytics Help

Need Precise Information for Sales & Marketing

Forecasting Inaccuracies Causing Millions of Dollars

Reporting for Management Team Slow and Inadequate

Firm Not Able to Analyze Capital Investments At Appropriate Level

Need a better, more flexible analysis

Decision Making Support Unit

 Centralize data from all sources at

one place

 Single version of data

 Debates cease over which source

of data is correct.

 The IT costs and staff dedicated

to reporting are greatly reduced.

 Availability of clean data is

DSU will centralize all reporting & analysis

DSU – Business Opportunity DSU – Value Addition

• Providing a solid foundation for future • Single version of Truth (Centralized Data
growth. across Organization)

• Providing immediate business value of • Centralize all reporting requirements of

the solution through the proposed Organization at one place - DSU
incremental implementation process.
• Better control on Operations & Spending
• Re-using Client’s current IT investments
like Existing Software and Hardware
Infrastructure • Better Planning of Resources & Strategic

• Capitalizing the Global experience of

Bilytica Professional Services in the • Advanced Analysis & Forecasting (Data
field of Decision Support Units (DSU), Science)
Data-warehouse (DWH) & BI
How Process will work?
What Bilytica Offers

 Study your business problems and propose Microsoft Power BI Consultant

in Saudi Arabia solution, Big Data, Data-warehouse or Reporting solution for

 Integration of Data-sources (Structures & Un-structured) into Data-

warehouse & Focused Data-Marts

 Data Quality Improvements to prepare data for Meaningful Analysis (Data

Cleansing & Data Federation)

 Analysis & Development of Key Performance Indicators into Dashboard with

modern & Intuitive Interface

 Build Workflows & ERP to automate Business Processes for Analysis

Proposed Project

 Phase-1

 Gather Data Sources & Design Dashboards on Current data state

 Identify Data Quality issues & create Data Quality Reports with IT team of

 Data Marts development

 Identify & define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Operation


 Identify & define Strategic Dashboards for Management

Proposed Project

 Phase-2

 Establishing Decision Making Support Unit (physical office) in Client Premises

 Identify right BI technology for Client based on phase-1 learning

 Design & Development of Enterprise Data-warehouse (Under DSU)

 Work with IT team to fix Data Quality issues in Source Systems

 Design & Development of Microsoft Power BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia &

Analytics reports

 Design & Development of Strategic Dashboards for Management

Common BI Consultant in Saudi Arabia & Data Technologies Bilytica
Works With
BI tools in Leaders
Gartner 2016
BI tools in Leaders
Gartner 2015
Delivery Models

Flexible & Powerful Cloud-Based Platform

Bilytica Arabia Bilytica Canada

8161 Umar Alhamdhani – Al M urujAr Riyadh 1340 Ch. Des Prairies, Brossard,
12284 – 3178 Saudi Arabia Head Office Quebec, Canada
www.bilytica.sa Level 24, 570 Bourke Street www.bilytica.ca
Melbourne, Australia
Bilytica Indonesia Bilytica Peru
Komplek Ruko Sedayu Square Blok F/12, Jl. Lingkar Boulevard Street 162, Monterrico, Lima,
Luar, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat 11730 Peru
www.Bilytica.com www.bilytica.pe

Bilytica U.A.E Bilytica Uk

101,Al Jeel Al saaed Business Centre, 1st Floor, Art 24 Garden Street, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
Tower Al Mina Road, Bur Dubai, U.A.E WF13 3AR, UK
www.Bilytica.ae www.Bilytica.co.uk

Bilytica Pakistan Bilytica Russia

Building 305 Block F2 Johar Town 127562, Kargopolskaya, Street 18, office 1,
Lahore, Pakistan Moscow, Russia
www.Bilytica.com www.Bilytica.ru

Bilytica Turkey Bilytica Qatar

Office #7, 1st Floor, HBK Tower
Eski Bagdat Cad. 28/5 34840 Kucukyali Musheireb, Doha, Qatar
/ Maltepe / Istanbul / Turkey www.Bilytica.qa
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