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Name: _________ Date: ________

A. Suppose a person takes loan for Php 50, 000

from a bank at the interest rate of 9% per annum
and he agrees to pay off the loan in one year (12
months). The formula used for the Interest
payment on the first month is already given as:
=ABS(IPMT($B$3/12,A7, $b$2,$B$1)). This formula
made use of ABS to get the value of the
Complete the table below using the
appropriate Excel Functions. Write the
formula you can use on the space
Formula in cell:
1. B4 : ________________
2.C7 : ________________
3. D7 : ________________
4. F7 : ________________
5. B8 : ________________
B. How many moths does the person
pay an interest greater than Php
200.00? Give the Excell formula.

C. Suppose that there is a transmutation for
interest payment as shown below. What will
be the transmuted interest payment for
each month?
Give the Excel formula.