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Training &


E P I C E N T R E O F G E ’ S L E A D E R S H I P C U LT U R E ( A )

Presented by :
Group 1

Rajat Khetan - H16036 Shivam Prasad - H16044

Ritesh Kumar - H16038 Vikas Kumar Singh - H16058
 
GE is known for its Continuously Changing
leadership program itself to adopt to the

 
Crotonville holds high Training module highly
symbolic value – Sheet affected by company's
of learning strategy and leadership
Analysis  
Decentralized structure Believes in utilitarian
to empower managers value of professional

Reordering of the global Preparing GE for a Leveraging highly Expanding its network
economy toward resource constrained networked world for base with government of
emerging markets future sustainable growth developing countries

Problem Statement
How to redesign Crontonville to ensure its alignment with GE’s
strategy and business uncertainties?
Strategic Direction

Analysis As the case suggests GE has always modified its training module to adapt
Changing strategic business needs
Changing people needs (values and behaviors)

Preparing leaders to lead in today’s


Current five big things for strategic alignment

Reordering of global economy towards emerging market
Need for new products with more price point
Geo-political and business impact of resource-constrained future
Role of strategic collaboration in a highly networked world
Growing intersection of govt. with business in both mature in emerging
+ +
Support Training

• Top managements interest in all L&D • Rigorous training modules and changes
researches throughout the decades in training
• World tour in training program reflects module clearly indicates GE’s capability to
support from peers which makes it invest.
possible • A separate campus at Crotonville
• Current interview pointed out that • It spent $1 billion annually worldwide
enforced business left little time for

• Creating two Verticals

a) Content vertical: Creating e-learning Re-Imagination
Modules, Videos, Learning Tools
The Training has to be
b) Curriculum vertical:
divided into two categories:
• Creation of need based curriculum based on
a) Functional
inputs and feedback from different SBUs ,
Geographical Regions, Business Functions, b)Leadership
• Develop a Database for it with access to
trainees who will have the option to choose
their curriculum
Proposed Structure

Functional Leadership

Fundamental and essential

Basic E-learning Modules, Videos Basic leadersip courses
E-learning, Virtual Teams for
Team Based Training

Functional Trainers trained Trainers trained at

Advanced Advanced
at Crotonville Crotonville

Maintain the spirit of learning across the company and maintain Crotonville as
the prime seat of all Learning and development activity
Thank You