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Let’s play with words
Word list…
1. Adulation 2. Adverse
3. Affable 4. Aggregate
5. Agnostic 6. Blight
7. Capricious 8. Chaos
9. Chastise 10. Circumlocution
11. Circumspect 12. Coherent
13. Collateral 14. Colloquial
15. Disparage 16. Efficacious
17. Eloquent 18. Fabricate
19. Facile 20. Fastidious
21. Fidelity 22. Forlorn
23. Foster 24. Frivolous
25. Frugal
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
• Antonyms are two words that have
opposite meaning
• Example:
• Elicit example from students
• Synonyms are two words that have same
• Example :
• Elicit example from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
1. Adulation
Meaning: overenthusiastic praise
Synonyms : applause, blandishment,
fawning, sycophancy
Antonyms : abuse, criticism
Usage : He likes giving good speeches, he
likes the adulation and he likes to make
people happy.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
2. Adverse
Meaning : unfavorable, antagonistic
Synonyms : allergic to, contrary, detrimental,
Antonyms : aiding, auspicious, propitious
Usage : Any time you put a foreign substance
into anybody you have the potential for an
adverse event.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
3. Affable
Meaning : friendly
Synonyms : amiable, congenial, mild,
Antonyms : disdainful, grouchy, grumbling
Usage :Since 2009, Jawad, an affable and
confident man, has been visiting Pakistan to
perform surgeries on acid-attack survivors.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
4. Aggregate
Meaning : forming a collection from separate
Synonyms : heaped, piled
Antonyms : individual, part
Usage : In the aggregate, our losses have
been relatively small.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
5. Agnostic
Meaning : person unsure that God exists
Synonyms : doubter, materialist, skeptic
Antonyms : believer
Usage: Socrates was an agnostic on the
subject of immortality.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
6. Blight
Meaning : disease; plague
Synonyms : Affliction, pest, rot, scourge
Antonyms :Blessing, boon
Usage : Extravagance was the blight of the
family and they ended up in financial loss
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
7. Capricious
Meaning : given to sudden behavior change
Synonyms : arbitrary, erratic, mutable,
Antonyms : Constant, dependable
Usage : He's such a capricious boss I never
know how he'll react.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
8. Chaos
Meaning : utter confusion
Synonyms : bedlam, clutter, muddle,
pandemonium, turmoil
Antonyms: Calm, harmony
Usage :A mosquito landed on the table all of a
sudden and the girls screamed started running
leading to chaos in the dining hall.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
9. Chastise
Meaning : scold, discipline
Synonyms : Berate, castigate, censure,
Antonyms: Compliment, Cheer
Usage :The child psychologists say never
chastise a child in front of others because a
child is quite sensitive too.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
10. Circumlocution
Meaning : indirect speech
Synonyms : Euphemism, periphrases,
prolixity, tautology
Antonyms: Conciseness, terseness
Usage :He informed the office, with some
circumlocution, that the Frenchman had
been extremely anxious over the telegram.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
11. Circumspect
Meaning : cautious, discreet
Synonyms : Cagey, canny, meticulous,
prudent, sagacious
Antonyms: Audacious, rash
Usage : Her circumspect behaviour and
evasive answers to even a simple and a
direct question raises my mistrust in her
Mix and match…
Jumbled words Unjumbled words
i. Dalauoitn a. Affable
ii. Vdaeervs b. Agnostic
iii. Fbafela c. Blight
iv. Gregagte d. Capricious
v. Sganitoc e. Adverse
vi. Gilbth f. Aggregate
vii. Usiricpaco g. Adulation
viii. Oahsc h. Chastise
ix. Siahcets i. Chaos
i- g; ii- e; iii- a; iv- f; v- b; vi- c; vii- d; viii- i;
ix- h
Match the column…
Word Synonym
1. Adulation a. Detrimental
2. Adverse b. Heaped
3. Affable c. Skeptic
4. Aggregate d. Sycophancy
5. Agnostic e. Urbane
1. d
2. a
3. e
4. b
5. c
More of it…
Words Antonym
1. Blight a. Dependable
2. Capricious b. Compliment
3. Chaos c. Boon
4. Chastise d. Harmony
5. Circumlocution e. Audacious
6. Circumspect f. Terseness
1. c
2. a
3. d
4. b
5. f
6. e
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
12. Coherent
Meaning : understandable
Synonyms : Articulate, consistent, lucid
Antonyms: Disorganized
Usage : Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
13. Collateral
Meaning : indirect, secondary
Synonyms : Accessory, appurtenant,
Antonyms: Chief, principal
Usage : He received a scholarship and
collateral aid and that is how he completed
his post doctoral studies too.
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
14. Colloquial
Meaning : particular, familiar to an area,
Synonyms : Chatty, demotic, dialectal
Antonyms: Formal, standard
Usage :Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
15. Disparage
Meaning : criticize; detract from
Synonyms : Degrade, denigrate, malign,
Antonyms: Approve, flatter, laud, praise
Usage : Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
16. Efficacious
Meaning : efficient, productive
Synonyms : competent, effectual, potent
Antonyms: incapable, inefficient

Usage : Elicit answer from students

Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
17. Eloquent
Meaning : having a skillful way with words
Synonyms : ardent, articulate, magniloquent,
Antonyms: dull, inarticulate

Usage : Elicit answer from students

Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
18. Fabricate
Meaning : manufacture, falsify
Synonyms :cobble up, concoct, contrive,
Antonyms: break, demolish, wreck, tell truth
Usage : Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
19. Facile
Meaning : easy; easily mastered
Synonyms : accomplished, adept, adroit,
apparent, articulate
Antonyms: arduous, complicated, profound
Usage : Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
20. Fastidious
Meaning : very careful, meticulous
Synonyms : captious, dainty, demanding,
finicky, punctilious, queasy
Antonyms: indifferent, uncouth
Usage :Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
21. Fidelity
Meaning : faithfulness in a relationship
Synonyms : allegiance, ardor, fealty, loyalty,
Antonyms: infidelity, lying, treachery
Usage :Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
22. Forlorn
Meaning : hopeless, inconsolable
Synonyms : abandoned, cynical, futile,
pessimistic, solitary
Antonyms: cheerful, consolable, happy
Usage :Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
23. Foster
Meaning : promote, support
Synonyms : advance, champion, foment,
harbor, nurture
Antonyms: condemn, discourage
Usage :Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
24. Frivolous
Meaning : trivial, silly
Synonyms : barmy, facetious, juvenile,
volatile, whimsical
Antonyms: grave, mature, sensible, serious,
solemn, thoughtful, wise
Usage : Elicit answer from students
Vocabulary: Antonyms/Synonyms
25. Frugal
Meaning : economical
Synonyms : canny, meticulous,
parsimonious, prudent
Antonyms: generous, lavish
Usage : Elicit answer from students
• Rearrange the given set of letters to form
the WORD .

• Choose the right option and SPELL the

1. cum (a)/ uti (b)/ cir (c)/ loc (d)/ on (e)
a) abcde b) cadbe c) badec

2. ct (a)/ cum (b)/ spe (c)/ cir (d)

a) dbca b) bcad c) cadb

3. cio (a)/ us (b)/ ica (c)/ eff (d)

a) abdc b) cadb c) dcab

4. st (a)/ id (b)/ fa (c)/ us (d)/ io (e)

a) cabed b) abedc c) bedca

5. ous (a)/ vol (b)/ fri (c)

a) abc b) bac c) cab
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. b
Fill in the blanks as instructed…
1._______ reigned in the hall as the unbelievable election results were
read out but all the candidates remained ______ throughout this. (use
a synonym and an antonym of chaos)

2. The article made so much use of _______ that often its meaning was
unclear so the writer was asked to follow _______. (use a synonym and an
antonym of circumlocution)

3. The incident led to __________feelings and for a long time, I found it

difficult to _____________ them. (use a synonym and an antonym of
4. Books are an __________component of student life, ____________
source is a good teacher. (use a synonym and an antonym of collateral)

5. In order to avoid ___________ variations, students were asked to use

a_______ language. (use a synonym and an antonym of colloquial)

6. You should ____________ him for his efforts instead of _______ him
for his poor scores in CAT. (use a synonym and an antonym of

7. He engages in so much _________ talk that the gathering never

becomes ________ in his presence. (use a synonym and an antonym of
8. He will __________ all the facts and _________ such a convincing
story that you wont have any option but to believe him. (use a
synonym and an antonym of fabricate)

9. She became _______ at dealing with difficult questions, though it

was an _________ task. (use a synonym and an antonym of eloquent)

10. His _____________ became a reason for the end of their such a
long ____________. (use a synonym and an antonym of fidelity)

11. She was not ___________ after she realized she had been
__________by her partner. (use a synonym and an antonym of forlorn)
12. Sheena ___________ Sammy from participating in the contest as she
herself __________ a desire to win it which was not possible if Sammy
participated. (use a synonym and an antonym of foster)

13. You ________ lifestyle is the result of the __________ life led by your
parents. (use a synonym and an antonym of frugal)
1. pandemonium/ calm
2. euphemism/ terseness
3. disorganized/ articulate
4. appurtenant/ principal
5. dialectal/ standard
6. laud/ denigrating
7. magniloquent/ dull
8. demolish/ concoct
9. adroit/ arduous
10. treachery/allegiance
11. consolable/ abandoned
12. discouraged/ harbored
13. lavish/ parsimonious