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An ammonia compressor is driven by

a 200kw motor. The compressor and

the motor RPM are 380 and 1750,
respectively. The small sheave has
a pitch diameter of 152.4 mm. If
the bolt to be used is standard C-
120 (L = 122.9 in). Determine the
center distance between sheaves.

Ans. 806 mm
A safety valve spring having a 9
and 0.5 coils has the ends squared
and ground. The outside diameter of
the coil is 115 mm and the wire is
13 mm. It has a free length of the
wire to which this spring must be
initially compressed to hold a
boiler pressure of 1.38 Mpa on the
seat of 32 mm diameter. Modulus of
rigidity is taken as G=80 GN/m2.

Ans. 172
A single threaded trapezoidal
metric thread has s a pitch of 4
mm, and a mean diameter of 18 mm.

Ans. 32.6 N-m

Determine the diameter of the stud
bolt that are required to fasten
down the cylinder head of a 203mm x
304mm gas engine.

Ans. 38.1
A single square thread power screw
is to raise a load of 70 KN.

Ans. 12.526%
Find the horsepower required to
drive a power screw lifting a load
of 4000 lbs.

Ans. 4.395 hp
A flywheel has a mean diameter of 4
ft and is required to handle 2200
ft-lb of kinetic energy.

Ans. 334 lb
Find the rim thickness for a cast
iron flywheel with a width of
200mm, a mean diameter of 1.2 in a
normal operating speed of 300 rpm,

Ans. 28.25
A cast iron flywheel is rotated at
a speed of 1200 rpm and having a
mean rim radius of 1 foot.

Ans. 14, 700

A centrifugal pump is directly
couple to a motor. The pump rating
is 3, 600 liters per minute against
a total head of 8 meters of water.

Ans. 10, 010.85

A 80 mm solid shaft is to be
replaced with a hallow shaft of
equal torsional strength.

Ans. 52.90%
A solid transmission shaft is 4
inches in diameter.

Ans. 122.940
A railroad track is laid at a
temperature of 10 degree F with
gaps of 0.01 feet between the ends
of the rails.

Ans. 10409 psi

What load P which causes total
deformation of 0.036 inch of a
steel rack with has a cross section
area of 4 sq. inches and a length
of 5 ft.

Ans. 72, 000

What factor of safety is needed for
a 2 inches diameter shaft with an
ultimate strength of 50, 000 psi to
transmit 40, 000 in-lb torque.

Ans. 2.62
A round steel shaft transmits 373
watts at 1800 rpm. The torsional
deflection is not to exceed 1 deg
in a length equal to 20 diameters.

Ans. 6.53 mm
A steel shaft operates at 186 rad/s
and must handle 2 kw of power.

Ans. 11 mm
A 100 mm diameter solid shaft is to
be replaced with a hollow shaft
equally strong (torsion) and made
of the same material.

Ans. 107.42 mm
If the weight of 6” diameter by 48”
long SAE 1030 shafting is 174.5 kg
then what will be the weight of
chromium SAE 51416 of same size?

Ans. 347.96
A 50” diameter diamond saw blade is
mounted on a pulley driven steel

Ans. 687.55
A steel shaft transmits 40 hp at
1400 rpm.

Ans. 0.246 degrees/ foot

A multiple disc clutch of 10 steel
disc and 9 bronze disc.

Ans. 39.566 hp
An engine of a motor vehicle with a
wheel diameter of 712 mm develops
50 kw at 2000 rpm, the combined
efficiency of the differential and
transmission is 75% with an overall
speed reduction of 25 is to 1.
Determine the speed reduction of
travel of the vehicle in km/ hr

Ans. 10. 74
An engine of a motor vehicle with a
wheel diameter of 712 mm develops
50 kw at 2000 rpm combined
efficiency of the differential and
transmission is 75% with an over
all speed reduction to 1. Determine
the torque to be delivered by the
clutch N-m

Ans. 239 N-m

The large diameter and face of the
disk of a multiple disk clutch are
255mm and 25mm respectively.

Ans. 1, 688
A flange bolt coupling consist of
eight steel 20mm diameter steel
bolts spaced evenly around a bolt
circle 300mm in diameter.

Ans. 40054 KPa

A flange coupling is to be
designed, using 25 mm diameter
bolts at a distance of 152 mm from
the center of the shaft.

Ans. 5
Warwick screw….

Ans. 140.8
Ans. 4.418
Notch Sensitivity….

Ans. 0.25